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The latest video from the Venus Project – Can certain Humans awaken before it is to late?

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Technology has a place but it will never maintain the balance of Nature required to sustain life.

‘For whosoever believeth in Him (the Sun) will have everlasting life’. Ra will always be there, but will mankind? On the present course of destruction from capitalism the answer is a very simple NO.

You’ve got to ask yourself why things are heating up? That is why some have started looking for an alternative planet.

At 20:10 Jacques correctly states “the only difference between a Preacher and a Thief is the environment they are reared in”.

Heres a cool song from Jessie J and friends – Flashlight – lets hope it comes on soon for many.


Unlock the secrets…

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Wow,“take me through the cosmos”, the lyrics are just awesome from Carl Doy and the passion and energy from special New Zealand Artist the beautiful Tina Cross is simply magical in this tribute to Sir Howard Morrison. Today more or less is of course the Summer Solstice down under and the Winter Solstice up north or the longest, shortest day respectively .

I know this combination takes me to another space and time. Is it all dreams and imagination – everyone at peace and in good health?? Not when you know the truth. Take a look and listen.

Thats really where the answers lie – through the eyes, especially the Pineal. Ah.. the all seeing eye, but that’s a symbol isn’t it? That said, it is shaping up to be a confused 2015.

Here is a link to a great read on natural remedies, to set you up for good health 2015 and beyond..We know that free energy is well underway and more recently a compound to reverse ageing is being explored. We know from experience ( or at least most of us do..) is expect the unexpected when you tamper with God’s Law – the Law of Nature. Perfected over billions of years and literally shattered in an instant by thoughtless ( capitalistic driven) idiocy or plain dumb. In New Zealand we have shattered or frankly traded our magnificent biodiversity and unique ecosystems and wildlife in many parts of the landscape for the big dollar – greed and pork, mutton, beef and dairy. Its all coming back to haunt us as the destruction continues and time passes by. Nature will balance things one way or another you can bank on that. Who is God article link here….

Already we have seen two blood moons in 2014. There will be two more of this elk in 2015 (4 April, 28 Sept). These events have astronomical significance and by connection significance for humanity. What will the secret shadow controllers impose on humanity in the coming months.  War? economic meltdown? to revive a dying economic system? Well we see these signs in the Middle East, Europe, Russia. Who is really behind this stuff – the C.I.A – probably. Are we going to be taken as fools by deception again and again? Will there be extraterrestrial contact and disclosure?

Music can ease your worries and woes. Sound is everything according to Ubuntu Founder Michael Tellinger. An old NZer exposes how to boil water instantly with vibration and sound within the video, almost instantly it seems. The ruins of Africa tell the story of how we should connect with the Universe when ready. While we are in the state of division in one form or another because of a lack of knowledge, ready we are not.  Ancient Knowledge revisited.

You will of course resonate with this if you have been studying the work of Santos Bonacci in recent posts.

The Ubuntu Movement website can be found here..

Fluoride Use in New Zealand

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Fluoride use in New Zealand has been publicised by advocates as essential in the fight against tooth decay. However, we all know that the real problem is sugar consumption e.g. sweets. The use of Fluoride is also used to subsidise the fertiliser industry in New Zealand as it is a by-product of that process. Essentially made up of SODIUM FLUORIDE  and not CALCIUM FLUORIDE it is highly toxic and is the main substance in 1080 poison.  The advocates for fluoride poisoning in our water supplies dum this fact down by saying ‘ oh but we only use 7 parts per million’. Question is how is it measured when dumping a truckload into the holding dams and how is it monitored. A,  ‘oh she’ll be right’ ?? Forced medication is not a reflection of free will and according to the article linked here.. presented by Dr Paul Connett. In fact many nations are without fluoridation as it is detrimental to good health, especially where it occurs in adequate levels naturally. Heres a link to the Hamilton City uprising.  You can of course check in with the Thunder and Light Team who have developed technology to purify water contamination by clicking on the Advanced Technology Advertisement in the sidebar of this Blog. Again the masses are ignorant and informed consent is questionable. The research is compelling that there is something more sinister behind the use of Fluoride on the masses and the easily controlled by corporate greed merchants. The health ramifications are more dour than people realise and the local GP (General Practitioner or Doctor) is not that well trained in the health effects of fluoridated water supplies .

Whale Oil Blog claimed to be in National Party pockets..

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The ‘vocal’ Blog Whalebeefoil has been tied to the National Party according to a report by Stuff. Popularity through confusion and emotional disorder – a classic ploy by Nihilists conspirators. The claim suggests that the National media machine is behind all the ’emotive’ confusion. In fact, I tend to question many of the callers on RadioLive who tend to be right-wing in discussion but claim to be past Labour Party supporters, as if they are trying to coerce staunch Labour Party supporters over to National. I don’t think they will fool too many of us ‘impartial’ types or do they – especially those struck by the increasing problem of dementia through our contaminated food and sodium fluoride water supplies?  Here’s a link to an article of an ideal democracy proposed by our  ‘battered soldiers of war’  earlier posted. Maybe we should shunt the politicians off to any battleground flareups in future? Now wouldn’t that be an act of responsibility. The Rule Of Law in its true format must include the Golden Rule of Law in that Queen, Prime Minister, Judiciary and Politicians must be held to personal account and responsibility of any actions to the detriment of the people they rule – the ignorant, bewildered and blind. I reckon, that way we should only get those who will show the true courage of their convictions. Secure in the knowledge they are working for the people, that will stand for office. In that way, essentially in opposition of the self interested types, despite some Kantian ‘moral ethical’ theory belief used unethically in disguise.


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Matt Damon Hollywood star and a great Actor reveals the objectivity of his thinking. To accept things without objectivity is to be misguided from the truth. Very interesting insight and worthy of investigation. There seems to be the odd quirky smile thrown in which to me seems as though he is expectant of likely response. Nevertheless one can safely assume that even high profile Hollywood actors are conscious of the activities undermining the capacity of humanity to reason.



Matt Damon isn’t asking you to start a revolution, but when you hear this, you might anyway. If you don’t love what you’re hearing after the first 29 seconds, jump to 3:31 for a nugget of truth that every American can stand behind.

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Wedding Bells for Gay couples..

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All I can say is that this is one law that certainly initially was not supported by a ‘religious teaching’ society including the Vatican. Oh how times change – for good and bad if you dig deep enough for some rational answers you will find that fundamentally marriage certification is similar in underlying use to the previously researched, the birth certification deception and bonding ( government bonds).

I am not saying that gay marriage should be treated as a misdemeanor, given that society is now split over the use but simply that all marriage certification amounts to is just another control tool for the Pirates of the Holy See . Similar to birth certificate registration where after you came down the birth canal (and are berthed) and later salvaged by the merchant pirates because you are not born again, no longer truely a Freeman but are instead are technically salvaged as unclaimed and are deceptively controlled under merchant law or commonly known as statute law. Another corporate entity is created for manipulation and control. To investigate this rational understanding check out the Law – What is it? category of this blog.

Congrats to gays in New Zealand, today is the day that you can wed your partner ‘legaleselly’ here in NZ.

Great music again from the 5th Dimension, in celebration, and sung by Marilyn McCoo on Solid Gold Hits, Wedding Bell Blues.

RadioLive talkback radio, great stuff..

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Recently I have been on the ‘airways’ at RadioLive in New Zealand. An extremely popular talkback station with over a million tuned in each week. Pretty big for New Zealand. Talk-back in a sense is regarded as the first form of ‘social media’ in many respects. The ability to informally engage in two-way communication and somewhat anonymously. The topics as you would expect are usually mainstream current affairs news. Particularly political banter.

Some big news for New Zealand has been the same sex marriage bill successfully introduced by Labour MP Louisa Wall. From what I have heard the main opponents have been for religious reasons, citing Bible translations, however if you have been fortunate enough to read my Holy Grail article you will understand my concerns with this argument. Importantly the impact on how any children adopted or born in vitro to a same sex relationship or parents, has also been a debate of concern. How will they fair at school with school mates who may tease them because of the ‘parental’ relationship? Will the child(s) have a tendency to also be gay etc. Generally in defence of this argument the comments suggest that the main thing is that the child(s) is loved and cared for properly and not abused by parents, which as we know happens in a so called ‘normal’ (Man/Woman) relationship.

On 25 April each year New Zealand and Australia have a national holiday called Anzac Day. This in many respects is not fully understood , but mainly we express sincere gratitude for those many ‘excited’ young men who went to war for the ‘motherland’ – Great Britain, and either lost their lives or returned physically and mentally scarred for life. There has been heated debate as to the real reasons these strong healthy young men gave their lives willingly or unwillingly? Many saw it as an adventure or a great opportunity to visit far away lands, they were young and naïve. The question for me is, what is the cause of this on-going war lunacy? Is it pure ‘human nature junky adrenalin stuff’ ? Have we been instructed by a minority (Government) who themselves have been misled by an obscure bunch of self-centred economic misfits or control freaks? There was recently a very interesting article in the NZ Herald by Dean Parker. Which pretty much sums up what the surviving soldiers gut feelings about war were, who was really responsible (the real scoundrals) and a system of unity unanimously voted in that would never see such human sacrifice again, a democratization of wealth. At one point when the Brigadier demanded a cease of meetings or proceedings he was out-voted 600-1. If you have had the time to read my Holy Grail article you may further understand what is really going on. I also previously wrote an article about who ‘The Crown or Crown Law’ really is and what they represent. The suppression of advanced technology capable of rendering nuclear weapons obsolete has also been presented. Each of these articles present compelling evidence that the world is run by a secret society of control ‘misfits’.

The Dean Parker article talks about the “Forces Parliament in Cairo 1943/44” that took a very ‘socialist viewpoint’ to politics and literally decided to encourage community rather than privatisation or capitalism. Many Americans, who regard themselves to be the supreme democracy with very strong capitalistic bias would I suspect cringe at the arguments presented by the “forces parliament”. But, in the old model of Athenian democracy ( many would argue the true meaning of democracy ) everybody participated actively in voting and had access to political offices.This effectively expressed the substantial equality of everybody.  I for one, can reason with the proposals and understand that we really are intelligent enough to move up and beyond ‘dictatorship’ or perceived as being corrupt such as Queen, President, Pope, Prime Minister or Corporate obscurity. I don’t agree with the left/right political mis-direction or banter but more with that great scholar Plato. He obviously doesnot mean a promissory note society. Quote from Wikipedia :

“Until philosophers rule as kings or those who are now called kings and leading men genuinely and adequately philosophise, that is, until political power and philosophy entirely coincide, while the many natures who at present pursue either one exclusively are forcibly prevented from doing so, cities will have no rest from evils,… nor, I think, will the human race.” (Republic 473c-d)

A Capitalistic regime here in New Zealand – The National Party – continues down the road of selling national assets in what they term privatisation, where large Power Companies like Mighty River Power and Charter Schools policy are hot topics, for those with time. Privatisation will certainly ‘strangle’ complete control and benefits to New Zealand ‘debt’ payers, where much of the profit (and less responsibility) will go offshore instead of being retained in New Zealand. While that may seem an obscure comment to an offshore reader, we really have an enormous amount of our own debt crisis to sought especially with the Christchurch re-build, which as previously predicted here, has blown the budget out another 10 billion dollars reported by TVNZ News .  The current account deficit is ‘exploding’ out of control, listening to a RadioLive interview with Journalists, that exceeds something liked 200 billion dollars that New Zealanders owe to Central ‘printing press’ Banks. I don’t think  putting people into so much debt will stop a rebellion at some stage, but maybe this is what is planned? The FEMA camps in USA mabe a sign of impending gloom? The Americans share information through Social Media channels better than most other western countries, so it makes sense to repress them initially or to prepare to do so as they discover the truth of past misdemeanours and back door deals that actually work against them, disguised by the divide and rule money supply chain. National is the current New Zealand parliament majority with support by Act member John Banks – currently the subject of a citizen prosecution and United First Peter Dunne. A so-called democratically voted government which has the power to ignore changing consensus public opinion.

If you want to read a relevant article that relates to ‘privatisation outcomes’ , I suggest, the David Wilcock Financial Tyranny article. David provides research evidence that most of the biggest corporations owned on the planet are collectively owned by very few. Check it out later, its quite a read.

It could be time for Online instant Referendum voting. That way a true mandate can be obtained. The old system of three years in Power is questionable in an age of broadband internet. All Bills could be followed and argued by the nation before then getting a online vote from registered users. A form of Political “Social Media”, certainly a transparency out of the ordinary but in line properly informing the people.

The Labour Party supported by The Green Party  recently announced a highly debated upcoming election policy of effectively nationalising the Electricity assets such as Mighty River Power by proposing a central price control mechanism to be called New Zealand Power. I suspect that this has generated a shift in thinking for many voters who supported National at the last elections.

We have a globalisation medium now with the Internet where we can connect and learn from our mistakes and hopefully from history, I have alluded to the global grid concept used by the ancients in an earlier post and I am now more convinced that we need to rather than be ignorant, be assured that we can really appreciate the lessons of these conflicts, history and progress to an accepted universal standard.

I leave the final words to the murdered Libyan Leader, Gaddafi – who makes some valid remarks in this announcement.