Religion and Bible Truth Unveiled

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I am a follower of Vinny Eastwood on Twitter. He has some amazing guests at times and I was pleasantly surprised to get a tweet about his recent interview with Academic and prolific author Ralph Ellis. While we are brought up with some experience with religious teachings in one form or another it is clear to me that essentially these are mind manipulation exploitation of reality and truth to control the masses when in reality which each make choices and freewill. The real God is within you and if those choices are considerate chances are you can go to the grave with a clear conscience.  With the changes in our own environment threatening our future and that of all living things clearly some balance needs to be restored. People have got to realise that there is no place for greed which needs to be controlled. Despite the mind manipulation that money and profit will drive change new technology suggests that the answers are simple, have been hidden and mankind itself has been so badly misguided by greed and fear that we are literally destroying our own existence.  The desperate search for another planet by leading Scientists suggests there is real concern for the future due to the imbalance derived from the ongoing pillage and plunder of the worlds natural beauty and amazing creatures. Millions of years in the making, smashed in 2000 years. We earlier posted a connection with Egyptian connections to Bible dictum and the startling revelations in the  Who is God post. Santos Bonacci is one to follow regarding the Zodiac connection in Bible dictum. Actually as Santos explains humanity is beginning to think real not fiction anymore as our innate instincts drive for change and a halt to the pillage and plunder impacting our beautiful world over the last two thousand years. Back to the headline: Heres the interview by Vinny Eastwood with Ralph Ellis and the actual historical record of the manipulated Bible stories and the various characters such as Jesus, King Solomon, Moses and others. Judaism, Mohammed and the true Israelites or the Haksos of Egypt.


Changing the way we trade and currency

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Anyone with in depth knowledge about Finance will know that booms and busts have been common for at least the past five hundred years. With it has been a lot of turmoil and disruption sometimes War. Here is a simple explanation as to how these problems were solved for thousands of years prior to the current crisis of low interest rates and overpriced housing or inflationary pressure. Think long-term rather than short-term is the key.



The latest video from the Venus Project – Can certain Humans awaken before it is to late?

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Technology has a place but it will never maintain the balance of Nature required to sustain life.

‘For whosoever believeth in Him (the Sun) will have everlasting life’. Ra will always be there, but will mankind? On the present course of destruction from capitalism the answer is a very simple NO.

You’ve got to ask yourself why things are heating up? That is why some have started looking for an alternative planet.

At 20:10 Jacques correctly states “the only difference between a Preacher and a Thief is the environment they are reared in”.

Heres a cool song from Jessie J and friends – Flashlight – lets hope it comes on soon for many.

Keshe Foundation Issues – The Peace Roadmap

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If you need to know more check out the Keshe Foundation online. You can also search this blog – keyword – Keshe to get some background but essentially what he is saying is that the Keshe technology is going to halt future wars starting with a roadmap to peace. This starts on 21 June 2015. This will no doubt upset many who consider themselves elitists, rich, powerful and complacent, but as I have explained in a number of earlier postings, the real power can be seen, or felt with your given senses in nature and nature demands balance. Without it, there is nothing, its really that simple. So heres a link to the Free Ebooks from the Keshe Foundation. They may well be the most celebrated publications that humanity has ever produced. You may recall that I contacted Minister Joyce of National and most other notable politicians and parties when Keshe asked anyone to contact our politicians to send a team of scientists over to Belgium. While they also tried directly, my attempts to get anyone from all parties that I contacted proved futile. That said, it looks as though they will have no choice very soon. To halt corruption and usury sooner than anticipated and learn the truth hidden in the archives of history or in those that remain undamaged by the dumb and dumber, I wonder whom I refer too.


The Peace Roadmap

On the twenty-first of May 2015, the Keshe Foundation in its weekly workshop announced the beginning of setting up the procedure for establishing the promised WORLD PEACE.

In this announcement, we explained that the process to achieve global peace will take shape in the coming months through the work of the Keshe Foundation and the release of further new knowledge through the teachings arm of the Foundation, during the daily live-streamed sessions from its Spaceship Institute in Trani, Italy.

In these teachings during the past months we have taught, and in the coming months we shall continue to teach new scientific criteria and systems that shall open the path for the process of using the new technology for establishing peace.

We shall teach step-by-step procedures that start and bring into action what it takes to achieve the ultimate goal of the Foundation, which is to facilitate and…

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South America Just Stood Up: Can I get a big “HELL NO!”

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Heck this is quite a combination


Removing The Shackles Blog

Well well well….. Let’s see if the American Media report on THIS Major Piece of Breaking News.
“Secretary-General of the Union of South American Nations (UNASUR) Ernesto Samper said this week that the body rejects “any attempt at internal or external interference that attempts to disrupt the democratic process in Venezuela.” The 12-nation bloc has agreed to hold a high-level meeting on March 14 in Quito, Ecuador, to discuss how to go about responding the new measures. The ad hoc meeting was announced urgently by Correa shortly after Obama’s remarks on how Venezuela is a threat to the US.”
This, my friends, is the next major salvo in “Game Over” for the US Cabals stranglehold on the worlds proverbial testicles. Will the Main Stream Media publish it? Will they put some sort of desperate spin on it to try and make it look like mean ol’…

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Ben Fulford (March 18 2014) ~ Cabal Backs Down After Threat Of Blockade Of Cabal Controlled Countries

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The high level brinkmanship surrounding the imminent collapse of the petro-dollar and the cabal behind it reached new levels in the past week, culminating with a BRICS ultimatum that “Oil, gas, food and other resources would cease being imported into both the US and NATO,” unless they backed off on their Ukraine offensive, according to a Russian government source.

There were also threats made to shut down the US electricity grid with an Electromagnetic Pulse Weapon, as reported by Dick Cheney, or direct attacks on vulnerable parts of the grid, threatened by militia forces, unless the cabal backs down.

The cabal controlled military elements counter-acted with threats to release bio-weapons, shut down world air-traffic and otherwise cause trouble.

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