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Attorney General’s Meet, Parliament is a Dictatorship

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New Zealand is hosting a meeting of Attorney Generals from Western alliances. The Beehive website news release click here .. New Zealand incumbent Mr C. Finlayson also attended the Pope inauguration, just past.  No doubt the issues raised by the Common Law Court in Canada, the International Court for Crimes by Church and State, convicting Queen Elizabeth II and Pope Benedict and as a consequence new Pope Francis of genocide,  will be on the ‘secret’ agenda behind closed doors. There is also the issue raised by the one people’s public trust, effectively nullifying the legal system set-up through the UCC, however, there is concern this may not be as genuine as initially thought mainly because the ‘instigators’ or named trustees are law merchants, who normally sware allegiance to a foreign authority such as the Queen or to the Bar and that, what they are really trying to do is entrap everyone.  Queen Elizabeth will also not be attending the upcoming Commonwealth heads government meeting as well, according to mainstream news outlets like GlobeNews. It could all be coming down on these representatives as they themselves are more informed about past indiscretions. You see we all profess democracy but although the great civilisations of the past were democratic as soon as the system was corrupted by hypocracy ( We see this with the corruption caused by Banker families or systems today), in other words the power was centralised ( Prime Minister, Queen etc) and not shared and discussed ‘democratically’ ,things started to eventually lead to an inescapable implosion, destroying even the greatest democracy from within and a period of hypocracy.  You might ask “we still have political party debates, opposition etc? Well that maybe so but at the end of all debates, the opposition have no say because the ‘ruling party vote’, ‘the dictatorship’ denying true democracy and forcing undemocratic legislation every time. John Key, New Zealand Prime Minister always likes to refer to the fact that “the people have given National the mandate to rule and pass law, tough if you don’t like it, that’s democracy”. New Zealanders ( in fact, all main Western alliances, including USA)  are ignorant of the fact that what they are truly dealing with is a dictatorship. True democracy is a collective voting system where there is no single leadership or a dictator. Amenhotep IV tried it alone and eventually failed as the people revolted. He was almost wiped (or hidden) from history when the people reverted back to a collective force, after his demise and united decision making rather than a dictatorship.

An Alternative True Democracy Parliament Suggestion.

How can we do this effectively?, how will we ever make a decision?. The first thing to understand in my opinion is that a collection of minds, united, unbiased, will make a far better policy decision than any ruling party or dictator alone. Each electorate will vote in a candidate and those candidates form a united parliament. No need for a separatist party system. Each policy that impacts the people must be voted in collectively, united and ALL must agree. Those that aspire to the united parliament, be prepared to enjoy the overwhelming support OR suffer the wrath of the people with policy decisions. This then qualifies responsibility to that parliament. There is no leader as such, no throne, just a mere spokeperson for the united parliament.The only problem is that it is likely to be economically motivated, which is not ideal, but, which may need to be used, temporarily as we begin to realise that money need not have interest attached. To understand this concept, you can read my Holy Grail exposed article. There you will find that the Jesus figure has been ‘manipulated’ to create this ‘false image’ of a leadership or dictatorship and control. When in fact, as we see with the rise of China that a collective, united peoples are way more powerful than a self-centred, egotistical fictional set-up. There is so much to be learned, from each other.

A promissory note system, without interest, gives us motivation to innovate, to contribute, and should take out the greed factor somewhat and all the other crap associated with that. Technology – yes that is possible – send out each bill presented for open discussion by the public – feedback can be invited by phone or via email etc. That said, even the voting systems can be rigged? We are advanced enough in technology to find a way. One thing is certain and arguably it is the most important thing. A united vote by the people and not just a dictatorship, ruling party, Prime Minister with their own values or self centred decision-making, can be achieved.  Currently, trying to stick to the control agenda based on a dictatorship won’t be without disruption as those that are connected and monitoring developments, irrespective of any preference vote, understand that there is a better way, continue to try to inform everybody of the obvious skulduggery that exists today. After-all some humans aren’t that stupid, are we?

Frank O’Collins provides a great platform for learning, exposing the deception of corrupted capitalism and the best framework for change yet developed at , enjoy. Money is applied how it was intended to be used, before corruption and poor education and less information made available to the masses.

Meanwhile, Kim DotCom, who I think is not stupid,  continues his battle with the USA Federal government and the illegal spying of him by New Zealand authorities. He and Lawyers have just released a damning whitepaper into the actions of US Federal government and the New Zealand counterpart headed by the New Zealand National government leader nicknamed the ‘smiling assassin’ , John Key. His one vote majority mainstay is John Banks leader of the Act Party, and what an act he put on in court recently.

Queen of United Kingdom (as well as Canada, Au...
Queen of United Kingdom (as well as Canada, Australia, and other Commonwealth realms) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

John Banks denied in public, despite Police and Kim Dotcom evidence to the contrary, that he falsely declared donations to the Auckland supercity Mayoral campaign he ran, as being made by anonymous donors. To bring him to justice a  private prosecution by Graham McCready was laid, “good on you Graham is what I say” . If Banks is found guilty the National government maybe without the one majority they need to govern New Zealand politics. Regrettably, although well founded, I suspect that it will all be washed away overtime or long enough to do more ‘asset damage’.