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Pope and Queen Conviction Legit

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The legitimacy of the International Tribunal for Crimes by Church and State explained.



History and Legal Basis of the International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State (ITCCS) – and its affiliate, The International Common Law Court of Justice

The ITCCS is a citizen-based “Tribunal of Conscience” with standing under international and natural law. Its legitimacy is established under the international legal principle of a Necessity Act under which citizens can establish a bona fide judicial mechanism rooted in the Common Law.

Founded in the spring of 2010 at a conference of survivors of church torture in Dublin, Ireland, the ITCCS presently comprises organizations in fifteen countries (see list of founding sponsors and affiliates below). It was founded because of the refusal of existing courts and governments to charge and prosecute churches guilty of genocide and crimes against children, and because of the active complicity of these state agencies with such criminal church bodies.

The ITCCS Central Office is in Brussels, Belgium…

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Pope Resignation

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The external perspective.


Benedict greeted crowds at the papal retreat Castel Gandolfo on Thursday evening before disappearing from public view ahead of his retirement

Benedict greeted crowds at the papal retreat Castel Gandolfo on Thursday evening before disappearing from public view ahead of his retirement

Catholic Writer John Cornwell: Why the Pope Really Quit

Stephen: I know we ran a story last month on the ‘secret gay priests’ link to the Pope’s February 11 resignation, but this article explores the broader picture in a far more detailed way. Thanks to Lindsey.

Although it comes from London’s somewhat sensationalist tabloid, The Daily Mail – a mainstream paper, no less – it was written by leading Catholic writer John Cornwell,  the author of Hitler’s Popeand Newman’s Unquiet Grave: The Reluctant Saint.

It’s exactly the sort of shocking stuff Poof is talking about coming to light and shaking things up, below – – and quite possibly why he included the link to Kay Griggs’ revelations in that same post.

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Lawfully Snuffed What Now?

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Benjamin Fulford discusses the enforcement concerns but effectively this action registered has exposed the fiction that is Corporate setups for countries and the corporation rules in the form of Acts and Statues in New Zealand for example are effectively nullified lawfully against the living people(NB there is a clear distinction between living and a corporate fiction birth certificate registration process). There are some concerns as to authorisation implied as given to the Trustees and effect as the Trustees named are Law Merchants who swear to uphold the UCC codes and allegiance to a foreign (usually Royal) power. No doubt this will be sorted in due course. The first thing for the people to realise is that a legal definition of the word person is corporation.

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