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Religion in New Zealand

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Well there has been a whirlwind of activity since I last published an article.

The National Party capitalists almost had a complete majority after the elections here in New Zealand as predicated in my last post. The so called socialist Labour Party movement is torn between a capitalist and socialist ideal, much of the old vote now being shared with the Green and NZ First Parties, essentially nullifying a true left wing political view or unified opposition. A balance is what Nature tries to resolve and perhaps this can be achieved in the political sphere, but, only when corruption is nullified. This ideal was expressed in an earlier post relating to a Newspaper article on the Cairo Forces Government during wartime 1943/44. There are many who have tried to initiate change for the better, but, the time has not been right. Now, however, is the time according to Santos Bonacci.

Today, I really wanted to focus on Religion, after revisiting the teachings of Holy Science presented by Santos Bonacci. Santos is blessed with an uncanny understanding of Latin, English, Greek and other languages which enable him to decipher alot of the code that is within the Bible, Torah and Qu’ran just to name a few of those prominent publications. He is also driven by the desire to find truth through dedication and research. Here is a link to his Website the Universal Truth School and his Youtube Channel Mr Astrotheology. I strongly suggest you delve into as many of his youtube videos and teachings that time allows you can. The Magnus Opus parts one and two are just sensational.

Essentially he exposes the truth about what people are sensing increasingly, as more and more information comes to light through technology and reasoning. He defines all religions, from Christianity to Hinduism, essentially some thirty thousand or so as a manipulation of essentially one – Holy Science – the truth. Syncretism and the Atom videos explain exactly what the true meanings contained in these great publications really mean. If you are ready, they will resonate with you. Then you apply this knowledge to what has and is being discovered about lost or ancient civilisation to then understand that this knowledge has been violated so badly. You should now have the reasoning for so much confusion, caused by a misunderstanding of the truth, and the problems faced by humanity as many live in ignorance of the truth. Fear, is something that should be confronted and not treated as a dilemma to be avoided. Its all in the mind.

I earlier talked about Santos in a previous posting and on revisiting his work again I am of greater understanding that he is undoubtedly onto the right research to uncover that which has corrupted the mind of humankind. The money system is a tool that can either divide or unite. In the Western world it is essentially divide whereas in the East it is essentially unite. As these forces intermingle through globalization there may well be a transformation that may herald the dawn of a great period on earth, as the confused awaken to truth.

Leaving the politicians like John Key and stalwarts to decide and rule is like leaving the cats amongst the pigeons. Without responsibility and accountability in the true sense of those words – devoid of the Golden Rule of Law – will be fraught with danger and I only hope that the collective consciousness of good will, of building knowledge and awareness will prevail and bring us all back to the heaven that resides in you.

An update to earlier articles, is the recently reported DNA profile of King Richard III. Seems as though the earlier illegitimacy claims made by Tony Robinson in his report on just who is the true heir to the English throne – living in Jerillderee in Australia can be proven from DNA. As explained by Santos, there is a strong GERManic black nobility influence that controls the world of commerce, but, only as long as the people remain ignorant because of fear (perhaps of other Humans) or devoid of true knowledge.

The Black Nobility – in essence a band of families devoid of any sense of mutual wellbeing and advanced civilisation represent the Black Nobility. That said, they would argue that man is simply not ready for advanced technology and must be controlled in a trickle down release of the truth expressed in the work of Santos Bonacci. Fear is their greatest enemy and the people remain in distractive misdirection so as for the nobility to maintain control of that fear. When the people awaken from the deception, that fear will be realised. Here is a great video detailing the events leading up to the state of the nobility today and the agenda of how they protect themselves from the minority truth seekers and the angry multitude yet to awaken. We may find that as commerce nears Zero, through forces of nature the multitude will be ready to learn the truth.


Law of Commerce and Trusts

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A great four part series of videos explaining the essence of Western Roman Law and the trusts that enslave western civilisation from Frank O’Collins. In New Zealand we have some great people such as Vinny Eastwood, Ian Parker, Peter Martin, Bill Turner and others involved in the quest for truth and freedom from the oppressive system implemented with tools such as money and manipulated holy science more commonly known as religion.

Here also is a link to David Wilcock’s site and access to MP3 downloads and discussion with Winston Shrout an expert in “cracking the money code” that is the King James version of the Bible. This will help you to understand how the system in Admiralty/Merchant Law really works behind the scenes and not normally taught to law students. Mr Shrout quite rightly points out that the system has been beneficial in many ways but that insider corruption has also been the cause of much injustice. I say that it is the cause of a ‘retarded’ development toward learning about the deceit, the cause of mass genocide and suppression of advanced technology. Technology that will effectively bankrupt the money makers and shakers – the illuminati, the secret societies of sin worshippers that are continuing to shackle humanity from ending poverty, hunger, disease etc. , deliberately.  Frank O’Collins clarifies this with a video interview, the age of personal responsibility, in honor. Further a good basis are both articles, Banks are the problem so lets get to the root and The Holy Grail exposed articles within this blog. See Banks enjoy massive profit and tax exemptions as a financial service for no apparently good reason – why? – compared to other business. A business cannot claim a GST credit on Bank fees for example, (an expense) here in New Zealand. Law and Banking is frankly unlawful in its present form, people have been badly misled and deceived, its as simple as that and the evidence is overwhelming.

Part 1

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Roman Laws
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