Lost City Of Heracleion Gives Up Its Secrets

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Incredible Ancient Knowledge and Ruins further exposed. We are getting there, but oh its painstaking stuff. This is definitely not the work of a so-called “uncivilised” society. In fact the evidence suggests they were more civilised than “modern-day” society. Again it seems to come around in cycles and at the moment we are on the rise through I think as explained by Santos Bonacci the early¬†10,000 year cycle Golden Age. The future is golden but I think we have a ways to go yet so to speak. There will be changes through constitutional discord, the sooner the better otherwise there maybe more horrific warfare, the demolition of satanic deception and control. Hold-on its going to get rough in the early stages.


For centuries it was thought to be a legend, a city of extraordinary wealth mentioned in Homer, visited by Helen of Troy and Paris, her lover, but apparently buried under the sea.

In fact, Heracleion was true, and a decade after divers began uncovering its treasures, archaeologists have produced a picture of what life was like in the city in the era of the pharaohs.

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