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Facebook launch with a fizz..

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Mainstream media reporting initially highlighted the much awaited public share float of Facebook. Valuing  co-founder Mark Zuckerbergs’ wealth as a result, somewhere in the region of $20 billion. This of course is an astonishing amount but later reports suggest that the company maybe sued by investors for not disclosing a downward trend of income due to more popular use of facebook mobile reported by Reuters. Essentially what is being reported is that because of more smartphone rather than PC usage, less advertising space is possible for Facebook. There is no doubt in my mind that the trend will continue as more and more consumers adopt smartphones as a staple device to access online content. I also see this as something that facebook will find difficult to address given the present business model used. While many business use Facebook to connect with consumers the smartphone provides them with greater capability to be selective as to what content is preferred.


Linking traditional print with digital content..

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A website is a great way for any enterprise to tell the world about what we do. 

   The prospect of generating target consumer’s in combination with traditional print advertising by using QR ( Quick Response) Codes is very real. QR Codes advertised allow interested readers to connect to digital content very quickly after scanning the QR Code the smartphone owner can then access the digital content generated. The spin for mobile smartphone developers is promising. A great article by Daniel Mueller, Demand Media indicates that digital and print advertising can combine very well.  Drop us a mail for further details.

Marketing and Advertising SMS, Text and MMS

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The reach of mobile applications cannot be ignored by marketing and advertising channels. SMS, Text and MMS capable solutions provide a direct opportunity for businesses to engage with consumers numbering 6 billion plus globally. Check out the 685% ROI whitepaper by Text Marketing solution ProTexting. It all becomes a very different ballgame for Marketers with the ever changing mobile technology. Paybuytext a Mobile Payment Gateway and SAS solutions can make the whole interaction an enjoyable, secure and user-friendly experience. Consumer choice based on quality information provided by vendor’s is increasingly important and oftened shared using social media or even simple text messages. Good product or service reviews in online business directories can “sway” consumer’s to buy from “reputable” sources. Paybuytext applications include easy access widgets to process inquiries, bookings, orders, voice messages, purchasing, calls and more. A custom solution for passenger transport operators is now available including mobile payments.  SMS or Short Message Services include Text messages and Email messages. MMS is an abbreviation for Multi Media Services and means that even “imagery” can be sent or shared on the smartphones. For  Marketing and Advertising initiatives the process to self-manage these “green” applications by adopting SMS notifications and payment receipting is now available with the launch of Paybuytext.