Dr Greer reveals DNA Tests on Alien sample…

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English: Image from http://planetquest.jpl.nas...
English: Image from showing the region in Milky Way Galaxy in which most of the discovered Extrasolar planet exist. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Incredible story and the facts indicate from conclusive DNA tests that as many already believe we are definitely not alone among the billions of stars and planets within our own Milky Way Galaxy. We just need to “grow-up” ( live in peace and harmony), turn the promissory note on its acme head or at least remove the interest/debt attachments and we then maybe, just maybe can graduate further enough to start a conversation.

This is actual evidence, somewhat aloof of that which religion can categorically proof – with respect?

Dr Stephen Greer has been active over a few years now trying to expose a cover-up regarding UFO’s and this evidence is an undoubted “breath of fresh air” for him.

He has also been very active in the exposure of alternative fuels to fossil in particular with incredible information, again much has been suppressed by the bankers. He details the problems ( for the Banker controllers) that this technology will create. No more oil ( and Money) exploration, effectively ended? Checkout the attached videos.

Meantime here in New Zealand on RadioLive talkback the debate recently has been the recent delegation that came to discuss fossil fuel exploration in New Zealand. Again the problem is, the Cabal controlled  New Zealand Government system will likely only negotiate a 1% royalty for New Zealand Taxpayers and let the capitalists extract and sell at enormous profit, ultimately to you know who.

Also by surprise is the recent sale to China of 14000 hectares of Superannuation Fund forestry. The capitalists continue the “rape”.

The Alien sample video.

Listen to Dr Greer on talkback discussing UFO disclosure and deliberate suppression of non-fossil fuel energy.