Month: April 2012

Attorney General sues major Card companies

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The Hawaii Attorney General has issued proceedings against major creditcard issuers citing misleading information has been promoted to Card Holders. Here is a link to the Notice issued which details the alleged breaches and the claims made. This is the start of something that could be significant for Card Issuers as the law suit alleges that major Card Issuers such as Bank Of America, Barclays, Capital One, Chase, Citi, Discover, HSBC and subsidiaries have been improperly charging customers and/or that customers have been charged for products that have not delivered as advertised.

Bank Of America refuses to take cash for a mortgage payment on the YouTube upload – link below (18.30 mins. in). Indicating a preferred card system and tracking with inbuilt microchips or tags inherent with NFC.

You Be The Judge Community Radio – Hamilton


Bacteria running a muck at ATM’s

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A recent survey reported on has highlighted that ATM’s ( the hole in the wall ) are places that inadvertently habour contagious bacteria. This could be extended to any card based payment system’s in general in my opinion where the use of supermarket trollies, baskets, debit/creditcards and even good old cash coin and notes are hotspots so to speak as well. Cash has always been King however where mobile payments are implemented the ability to transact independently would be more healthy for you

Near Field Communication Payments

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English: An NFC (Near Field Communication) poi...
English: An NFC (Near Field Communication) point at a Peet’s Coffee for use with Google Wallet. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Near Field Communication is being favoured by major stakeholders such as Card Issuers to maintain the card standard and is a form of contactless payments. However this requires a major upgrade to Merchant terminals and with the power of the internet many developer’s globally are addressing the opportunity by offering alternatives. Less costly options that are more secure and feature packed are however likely to contribute significantly to educated participants. Mobile EWallets that do not require the storage of Card or Bank details in apps making them instantly attractive to the security conscious . Here is a recent article on techcrunch which raises valid questions around the adoption of Near Field Communication tap and pay or contactless card payments  . This is intended to be introduced in New Zealand in future but the terminal upgrades required will hinder this and especially where more “modern” technology is available with less disruption and significantly lower compliance costs and yet a higher more flexible level of technology. Google Wallet is yet another roll-out by Google but, do you really want ‘to put all your eggs in one basket’ so to speak? Google are rather obscurely obtaining cellphone numbers to reset lost Google account passwords. Crikey what are the ‘motives’ for these tycoons? Is good or is it bad in the form of some monopolistic control. PaybysmsGlobal, a not for profit concept, is set to provide high technology solutions or simpler alternatives that do not require the use of any card or even clearing houses or Banks.

Banks, the link to Egyptian history, how they work and the future..

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What a story but most historians indicate that the basic modern Banking principles with debt by interest were established in the Western World bubble not so long ago during the time of the crusades by an order of the Knights Templar with blessing and support from French royalty. Assumed to have looted the Temple of King King Solomon possibly even the so-called holy grail ( check out the movie The Da Vinci Code starring Tom Hanks) after driving out the Palestinians. I think the Holy Grail information was actually an abuse of knowledge from Ancient Egypt. Prior to this 11th century invasion trading routes were well established eg Silk and Ceramics were traded for true money Gold and Silver. The brave Knights were eventually disbanded ironically by the King Of France under the auspices of His Holyness The Pope – or at least that is the story. The Knights Templar were rumoured to have accumulated vast wealth due in part by offering security to Christian pilgrims visiting the holy lands in the form of “holding or banking” gold and silver for paper security bonds. Many English historians believe that during this “middle east” occupation they also learned the vast universal knowledge of the Middle/East and probably in fact ancient Egypt (apart from Amenhotep IV or Akhenaten, father by DNA analysis of King Tutankhamen who briefly established a one god connection through him to the Atun or a self centred mentality, expanded later or taken up commonly expressed as religion and so called civilised society we know today as the western world) with its “many gods” or universal mentality as opposed to the philosophy of only one God apparently derived from ancient Sumerian text or the commandment tablets said to reside in the Ark Of The Covenant which all derive from ancient Egypt. Therein lies the root of established religion and polities that controls the western world today. There are many discussions online regarding the origins of christianity and there is plenty of evidence to suggest that much manipulation to maintain some sort of mind control of the masses ( in acknowledged difficult times) has and is at work. Therein also lies the “excuse” of the Roman Empire fall from glory and eventual demise as “ancient Egyptian philosophy” being discussed within the secret societies of the Knights Templar was practically an act of treason in the mind control philosophy and teachings of his grace The Pope to the populace or the Amenhotep IV philosophy?

Do we really need a system of interest laden promissory notes and its inherent perceived controlling properties or is there more knowledge held in secret or clouded by misconception to be embraced to release technology that is sustainable or can reverse the current trend. God’s Law. Night and Day, Black and White, Good and Bad, East and West etc. What seems so straight forward is most mis-understood and ill-concieved. Fear from ignorance. It is all a huge deception embracing seperatisation and shackling humanity from universal ‘cosmos’ collaboration.

” To think that no other intelligent life exists in the billions upon billions of stars and other galaxies is ludicrous. Humanity needs to make intelligent decisions not those derivedfrom fear.”

Vinny Eastwood in New Zealand raises many interesting topics that are not reported by the corporate controlled mainstream media groups or the ignorant.

Alternative economic models are gaining popularity worldwide and here in New Zealand The New Economics Party is pressing for changes. TimeBanks NZ is developing an understanding that contributes to community and humanity in a sustainable way, as a start.

A brilliant project gaining strong support from enlightened people who tackle the root problems of modern society with harmonious development projects and advanced concepts that can really make a positive impact for mankind is the Venus Project. Essentially they are saying that there is no need to borrow all the time from Central ‘printing press’ Banks with added interest, frankly no money or even that nations can develop there own currency and economy interest free. Our project SMSGlobalExchange addresses a unification of the self centred and universal centred mindset and a true Global application completely transparent and owned by Users.

Back to the core topic. Essentially the crippling modern principles in use has reshaped our lives, our psychological awareness and generally speaking it comes at a very high cost – or so it seems anyway as there is a clear distinction from being so-called wealthy and desperately poor and the impact on Worldwide environments, health and more.

The use of paper money through the modern Banking system has no doubt been corrupted as spirited individuals and communities have been granted a license to borrow at interest and to the detriment of other communities that are reflective of their unique environment and societal structure. This has driven many to be innovative, spurring an insatiable demand by the populace and ultimately benefit only the Bankers.

Heres a Youtube video that explains the Fractional Reserve Lending matrix of central banks – history, now and in the future. Go into about 52.20 minutes to get an explanation from prominent American businessman Mr Foster Gamble who kindly shares some ancient secrets as well.

Apple and more apple…

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Recently a spate between two long-established companies exploded giving rise to alternative software services that “Jailbreak IPhones.” This is descriptively bad but essentially it means that developers provide software for IPhone owners to download “non apple supported software”. A New Zealand service exists in Auckland. It’s ironic that Apple provide an extensive support system for developers and yet restrict access to certain alternative software providers. This indicates either a safety issue or a competitive stance on how the IPhone can be used and the standard required by software developers.  Here is a link to an interesting article by detailing the core dispute between Apple and Adobe. More news that Apple looks to be setting-up to either work very close with Mobile Network Operators or even provide the loyal Apple customer base with a viable alternative. Credit for this information goes to Whitney Bluestein at Gigaom.  

Hey We All Mistakes – Right!

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A colossal mistake that led to a criminal reaction – I’ll leave that thought with you. The alleged are currently before the Court.

Card Scimming on the rise yet again

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Today yet another report that consumers using debit and creditcards at ATM’s are still being scammed. This is a continuation of an incident reported two weeks ago where as much as $1 million had been scammed from ANZ customers. This is more common than reported, one underlying problem is that Bank account details are stored on cards or Bank mobile apps providing a directlink to them.  The scam indicates that either a camera device or cardreader is being used at ATM’s or in fact anywhere a swipecard can be used. However it may be a case that in fact the Bank security systems are not robust enough or are capable of addressing the multi-million dollar theft problem.  Paybuytext EWallet application offer another tier of security by trading value in “virtual credits” , online and mobile payments that provide real-time receipting to cellphones for all transactions including any attempted “unauthorised usage.” TVNZ reported the incident involving ANZ customers and is reporting the recent scams at the moment. The statements reported by Mr Bill Farmer of Mako Networks seem to be directed at Merchants or online transactioning however most reported card scamming is done through ATM’s or in card swipe readers. This is certainly the highest incidence reported. Creditcard fraud online is rare as such because of the high security requirements and advanced technology used. Usually creditcard holders are “tricked” or “duped” into buying something only to find out later it is not what they thought it was or simply is not delivered. It is understood that four persons have been charged with the debitcard scams.