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The Writing Is On The Wall as the Globe Learns The Truth

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I want to share with you a couple of videos regarding the corruption of the money system that has suppressed yes suppressed our destiny and controlled humanity over thousands of years. Sure some form of control is or was needed when you think of things like the Black Plague have been buzzing around (these type of events cause mass panic – in true satanic style – what next? North Korea) but its got out of hand. The majority of us are inadvertantly cleverly educated and mind controlled through media in the lower chakras of our body and soul. The world and more specifically a higher chakras consciousness awakening and a new great cycle (25,000 years) of the procession of the equinoxes starting from 21 December 2012 signals the beginning of a new bronze age. The foreclosure of the Global Accounts by the Trustees the Sukarno Trust that was setup to help the world with centralised Gold reserves mostly Asian Gold derived from years of clever trading and the rich Gold deposits from the East on easy term lending to all nations after WW2 has sent shockwaves throughout the banking communities. President John F.Kennedy was assassinated trying to rid his nation from the Federal Reserve money strangulation and President Sukarno

English: Official Portrait of President Sukarn...
English: Official Portrait of President Sukarno. Bahasa Indonesia: Foto resmi Presiden Sukarno. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

of Indonesia was appointed Trustee for the Global Accounts however we now know that these accounts have been corrupted by greedy Reserve Bankers or the hidden secret world of cabalists headed by the Rothchild dynasty at least that is the evidence thus far. I do hope that now with the resignation of Pope Benedict ( the first of its kind in Papal history) that the world is exposed to the hidden truth and mysteries that are stored within the Vatican Library resulting from the plundering of the treasures of the Globe by the Knights Templars, Hitler and many others under the grace of the Pope or some would say the hidden Roman Empire. The list includes OBILISKS for some mysterious reason. Once we have the truth it will set us free in the sense that Money and Religion are tools for fictional manipulation. This will change religious understanding significantly and hopefully mentality.It would at least be wise to follow these releases as it seems as though there is ample money or as I like to put it printed numbers on a peice of paper available to all citizens of the world but where there is printed paper money there will always be trouble, including deceptive tactics like poor economic growth, depressions, statutory rules etc with reference to ample gold reserves. The only alternative is a system that is publicly accountable and open to regular audit without any interest burden in my opinion as opposed to the hidden world behind the central banking reserve system. Having said that frankly as the truth is unfolding maybe just maybe the living of the World (those who distinguish the joinder of a Birth Certificate and particularly a Marriage one to a corporation) will also realise that a money system of control is a fiction as advanced knowledge with the operation of the higher chakras in each of us will bear incredible appreciation of the issues that trouble the world, the root causes and the best remedies, treading with caution as we go.

Then if you have been following David ” Luke Skywalker” Wilcock from my earlier posts on the release of a huge documentary on mainstream Russian TV recently should help the World population in understanding what has really been going on, who is behind it and the negative impact it has had but that an inevitable positive result must occur sooner or later as mother nature works her magic. It certainly is a step in the right direction to finding the Truth – once that is understood or effectively that we don’t really need any money system similar to that which is in use, incredible new technology including free energy, turning deserts green and travelling the cosmos will be like gardening and jumping into a motorcar as we know it now. Who needs electricity via wires and poles? power your vehicle without fossil fuel and more. The true knowledge of the Universe awaits us suppressed by greed and an archaic money system of control. Learning the truth and understanding the distractions in media we may finally be ready to advance but as usual we need to “clean our own back door first” aye.