China leading the World

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China the most populated nation on Mother Earth is embracing mobile phones and the spin for developer’s is to engage in collabrative ways to address the demand. With this in mind the rest of the World needs to adopt a similar attitude to stay in touch. Here is some information from Finextra on research by KPMG into mobile payments adoption by China.

The statistics are amazing. More than 1 billion mobilephone subscribers in China and 6 billion plus worldwide. From the figures about 48% use 3G (3rd generation internet) capable handsets in developed countries. For many the basic Text, call and internet access capability of feature phones is sufficient.  Figures posted by mobilethinking.com indicate that 36.4% of mobilephone sales are smartphones and 63.6% are feature phones (source http://www.idc.com/getdoc.jsp?containerId=prUS23455612 ) .

A list of mobile phone subscribers in Australia and New Zealand in comparisen with population  indicates that there is more than 100% subscription – maybe many use more than one?. The market growth is around 2.6%. A recent analysis reported by Budde Comm in relation to New Zealand indicates 120% market penetration with Vodafone, Telecom and 2Degrees the major Mobile Network operators.  However with the planned upgrades to internet speed and more smartphone use it is likely that consumers will look to alternative connectivity such as MoiP and VoiP. A New Zealand Government Web Standards report around SMS use and agency initiatives provides a “political” perspective.