Month: December 2016

Religion and Bible Truth Unveiled

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I am a follower of Vinny Eastwood on Twitter. He has some amazing guests at times and I was pleasantly surprised to get a tweet about his recent interview with Academic and prolific author Ralph Ellis. While we are brought up with some experience with religious teachings in one form or another it is clear to me that essentially these are mind manipulation exploitation of reality and truth to control the masses when in reality which each make choices and freewill. The real God is within you and if those choices are considerate chances are you can go to the grave with a clear conscience.  With the changes in our own environment threatening our future and that of all living things clearly some balance needs to be restored. People have got to realise that there is no place for greed which needs to be controlled. Despite the mind manipulation that money and profit will drive change new technology suggests that the answers are simple, have been hidden and mankind itself has been so badly misguided by greed and fear that we are literally destroying our own existence.  The desperate search for another planet by leading Scientists suggests there is real concern for the future due to the imbalance derived from the ongoing pillage and plunder of the worlds natural beauty and amazing creatures. Millions of years in the making, smashed in 2000 years. We earlier posted a connection with Egyptian connections to Bible dictum and the startling revelations in the  Who is God post. Santos Bonacci is one to follow regarding the Zodiac connection in Bible dictum. Actually as Santos explains humanity is beginning to think real not fiction anymore as our innate instincts drive for change and a halt to the pillage and plunder impacting our beautiful world over the last two thousand years. Back to the headline: Heres the interview by Vinny Eastwood with Ralph Ellis and the actual historical record of the manipulated Bible stories and the various characters such as Jesus, King Solomon, Moses and others. Judaism, Mohammed and the true Israelites or the Haksos of Egypt.