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Political Mayhem Brewing

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There is alot of censored catastrophe being broadcast to the “dumbed down” multitude by mainstream media outlets such as RadioLive. A strange attack on a Malaysian Airplane flying over a sensitive area of land called Ukraine. Then there is the attack on the original Jewish decendants called Palestine by the not that old Israeli State and Sabbatean controlled Cabal Regime – confusion is stirring. Is it all a false flag? So whats it all about? Could it be an Agenda 21 plan? or it is more likely that a powerful 177 Nation BRICS alliance and new World Bank formation simply untenable for the Old World Order and Central controlling Bank system under the ultimate control of a few secretive Banking families such as the Rothchilds and scandal measured in lost lives.

The return of the Mongolian Regime is imminent – masters of administration and accountability – elements lacking severely in hypocracies called democracies in the West. All of these events have been foreseen in previous articles posted in this Blog.

Meantime here in New Zealand scandal is also causing concern for the National Party Leader and former Central Bank cohort John Key, who is claimed to also be a Freemason. The polls conducted based on a small segment of random samples indicate National is likely to win the upcoming election and possibly govern on its own as the propaganda machine swings into overdrive,  however, the smaller parties are determined to make an impact eroding the traditional Labour Party support among them. The national debt is worth about seventy percent of the New Zealand Economy and here John Key publicly states it including having shares in a major lender, Bank Of America.


Kim Dotcom – Internet Party –  promises exposure of John Key of being an incessant liar, supporting the previous public allegation made at a select committee hearing in Parliament previously reported, five days out from the election. Given the state of the global financial system it is not surprising Key is on holiday and is somewhat ignorant of the matter in NZ, so it appears.

There is the old sporting proverb of no pain no gain and this looks to be the issue as the currency wrangle reaches a crisis stage.




Vote New Economics NOT National or Labour

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I have touched on the activities of alternative economics in past postings under the BANK ALTERNATIVES category in the Blog. Seriously though, what is being proposed looks to be a model of sustainable economics that can change things dramatically by a party hoping to run in the upcoming 2014 general elections in New Zealand. The New Economics Party are building support and one policy is support or are part of the growing phenomenon of TIME BANKING. I recommend you visit their site, join and ignite a great concept that will contribute immensely to returning the rule of law back to the people and not the mind controlled politicians currently purporting to pass legislation ‘willy nilly’ and often in secret to suit the agenda of a minority few greed merchants. Sure they are encouraged by their own perks and alto-egotistic frailty. Deidre Kent “the Tax system, it is illogical to tax, work, sales and trade on a finite planet of resources” ,  has written Books and articles on the subject of social and economic reform and they are well worth a read. Tax is paid by users of the resources rather than any workers employed is my basic understanding of the model proposed.  Good Luck with an absolutely fantastic economic model that suits everyone yet has the potential to spread wealth and as a consequence reform social and economic inequality. She is the author of a fantastic publication called Healthy Money, Healthy Planet – developing sustainability through new money systems. For an in depth article on the truth of the current money system in this Blog try this. Is the current system sustainable?? HMM.. well the trees are still falling, carbon dioxide is still pumping out into the atmosphere, weather is indifferent – just ask those poor souls in the North its freezing up there.

Law of Commerce and Trusts

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A great four part series of videos explaining the essence of Western Roman Law and the trusts that enslave western civilisation from Frank O’Collins. In New Zealand we have some great people such as Vinny Eastwood, Ian Parker, Peter Martin, Bill Turner and others involved in the quest for truth and freedom from the oppressive system implemented with tools such as money and manipulated holy science more commonly known as religion.

Here also is a link to David Wilcock’s site and access to MP3 downloads and discussion with Winston Shrout an expert in “cracking the money code” that is the King James version of the Bible. This will help you to understand how the system in Admiralty/Merchant Law really works behind the scenes and not normally taught to law students. Mr Shrout quite rightly points out that the system has been beneficial in many ways but that insider corruption has also been the cause of much injustice. I say that it is the cause of a ‘retarded’ development toward learning about the deceit, the cause of mass genocide and suppression of advanced technology. Technology that will effectively bankrupt the money makers and shakers – the illuminati, the secret societies of sin worshippers that are continuing to shackle humanity from ending poverty, hunger, disease etc. , deliberately.  Frank O’Collins clarifies this with a video interview, the age of personal responsibility, in honor. Further a good basis are both articles, Banks are the problem so lets get to the root and The Holy Grail exposed articles within this blog. See Banks enjoy massive profit and tax exemptions as a financial service for no apparently good reason – why? – compared to other business. A business cannot claim a GST credit on Bank fees for example, (an expense) here in New Zealand. Law and Banking is frankly unlawful in its present form, people have been badly misled and deceived, its as simple as that and the evidence is overwhelming.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Roman Laws
Roman Laws (Photo credit: defndaines)

The Holy Grail exposed and the money code cracked..

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We have been deceptively educated to live in an unconscious state. I hope this research helps you to awaken from the dead fiction entity created. We are out of sync with nature and divinity or more accurately a lack of understanding that for all the so-called positive things we do will have a negative effect on someone else. That is what it is all about. We are acting out our experiences in life between positive and negative polarity, the trick is to try and balance these forces to maximum effect in a unified manner – but that cannot be achieved by suppression of true knowledge.
Ignorance of all things we interact with (an expression of a guilty subconscious) breeds our great enemy FEAR, it deprives us of the sacred balance with nature, the wisdom and the truth. If you don’t believe me consider this article. The evidence has been hidden behind a game of hide and seek.

THE SECRET VEIL (EVIL) LIFTED by Santos Bonacci, Danny Wilten and Carl Munck

Banks and the Promissory Note system is nothing more than a tool for manipulation of the truth. An extension or pickup from of the old Roman Empire system of divide and rule in disguise, controlled by the rise of the Roman Catholic Church after the Empire fell (or hid ) from (the rebellion) grace through the now Vatican, the Pope and the Papal Bulls. Sure we have an academic translation to do with money exchange convenience, but, when they met at Bretton Woods did they foresee any corruption by the private (difficult to audit) IMF, short for International Monetary Fund. Why very little accountability? Its as if this IMF outfit got in with some hefty conditions to ‘strangle’ participating nations without ‘killing’ them. A kind of slow death. However, with the united power of the Internet, exposure of the Truth and the Holy Grail reveals that the Holy Science looks to have been corrupted by the Vatican and especially scandalistic Banker partner families to maintain the old world order of control and suppress full consciousness – don’t condemn these “revealing” statements without further investigation into the research of this article. Who knows, maybe they didn’t realise it would get so big and nasty? Is the holy church under secret satanic control? Has it been done to nurture humanity? The negative forces of nature are expressed, we get snippets on mainstream TV every now and then in the form of staged war, malnutrition, division, superstition, fear, arrogance derived from ignorance. Many of us are using a half brain conscious mind mentality of fear – do you really know the answers? I think we have the tools to put the puzzles together to get to the root of all our problems as the dawn of another great cycle approaches or at least some of us “heretics” will be anyway. I can just imagine how difficult it was for the “truthers” even the Pagans, Quakers or Amish condemned to the sword for “distracting” the mind controlled populous faith and corrupted religion. The awakening of the higher consciousness in many signals that the game plan and fiction is being exposed and that after many centuries (and our position in the cosmos) an upgrade to the next level of consciousness awaits mankind at the next southern Summer Solstice. Check out how many symbols taught to us as being evil ( great way to hide the truth aye – spell evil backwards and we get the word LIVE) are in actual fact good, how paintings and drawings mean much more than what we have been able to comprehend or are taught until now ( eg the famous last supper painting by DaVinci is decoded as a painting depicting the 12 signs of the Zodiac (12 tribes of Israel or should it be Egypt?) with the centre V shape representing the Orion Nebulae –The Holy Grail? looks to be getting very close looking at the research) .Hold on a minute (pri)mate there are 13 people at this table? So is there 13 Zodiac signs that should form a Enoch calendar or a Sabbatical year – certainly makes sense – of course click here to check it out.. Serpentarius or Ophiuchus representing the “medicine”, or the Serpent Holder the symbol we associate with medicine. That changes my Zodiac sign from Gemini to Taurus or probably more accurately both and seems to fit better with me on reflection. Ever wondered why you don’t match your Zodiac sign? How we have these “odd” leap years etc instead of an honest 28 days over thirteen months, a forgotten sabbatical calendar every year? More tools for manipulation, mind control or half brain operation. Of course it is. Its pretty obvious to me that this so-called “unlucky for some” number 13 entity represents something special – something hidden from us – the Jesus entity – is it yourself, the christ within – the subconscious part? Is this the area so well manipulated that we need to reignite fully to discover who we really are. It is just to coincidental to be ignored. Great knowledge abused from the Ancients like Egypt and Greece by ignorant warfare and the Roman Empire and hidden now by the Vatican? and yet can be seen if you know what you are really looking at eg the “pinecone” staff used by the Pope is a symbol of the human pineal gland the third eye too – wisdom?

How the written word can easily and has been manipulated as part of the control (eg The Bible is a prime example explains Santos Bonacci – its origins indicate Egypt as well ) Check out the videos below as I think you will find them way more interesting than any TV program you have ever seen arousing some curiosity. Santos Bonacci an ex devout Jehovah Witness, Aussie with Italian parents provides a compelling argument and evidence that busts the fictions that are Religion, Science and archaic Crown / Roman Law to evidence the truth hidden behind this collective veil. Who we are, a journey of learning in cycles and answers to the big questions revealed. How the Vatican, the ruthless Banker partners and the Military have been hiding behind “the veil (notice the letters used)” for centuries to deceive us all or to “teach(cheat – same letters)” us all about negative and positive polarity? Heck at this rate of word manipulation especially the English/latin mix, Bad might really mean Good and vice versa. For those of us caught up in the inherent dependency or control tool so-called money we are confined to the lower levels of consciousness and seperation control and a general disrespect of each other and our planet. Can we beat nature? Not on your nelly (pri)mate! Why? because nature vibrates at a higher level of consciousness and demands balance not unconsciousness and balance manipulation. We can learn to work with nature however that means a radical change in mentality or realisation of the truth – the concept of manipulated control mastered or frankly blasted and superior suppressed technology released. A higher sense of consciousness. We are dumbed down by money driven distractions, manipulation and have little time to really sit back and think about the overall negative aspects that are the result of that neglect and complacency. The cause and effect. We have the potential to open the mind fully now that we can decipher and really embrace the Holy Grail of our being. As a NZer I can frankly liken the “unconsciousness” to herding a flock of sheep. I strongly suggest you listen into what Santos Bonacci explains, do your own research and make a conscious decision on his findings. He explains that the Bible is not what Religion has cleverly taught everyone as the truth has been manipulated or as Danny Wilten explains important bits have been omitted. The Bible is holy but in its present King James ESP. format it is actually a corruption of the Holy Science developed by the Ancients many many thousands of years ago. Our hidden knowledge and connection to the higher consciousness revealed. How do we explain those geometric revelations created in a flash we see in crop circles – no mere physical mortal can do this as precisely and within minutes. A mortal can spend months trying and still not get the precision right.

Click on the following links (in blue) and connect to really really smart guys like Danny Wilten and his amazing revelations on Youtube of our cosmic connections with the Orion constellation expressed in the positioning of the great pyramids of Egypt as well as Carl Munck who gives us the math and code built into all those fantastic monuments we have no real knowledge of, such as the great Pyramids of Egypt and Stone Henge. Crikey even these connect to those in North and South America, probably China and all the way down to the Easter Islands in the Pacific – literally thousands of sites connected worldwide in a perfect global grid pattern harnessed by Ancient cultures during the last golden age cycle . Civilisations is the wrong word as to me that is commerce. Checkout a great New Zealand resource . The proof that superior knowledge (the truth) way beyond our present level of “unconsciousness” in comparison was used thousands of years ago, as well as many other interesting presentations. Why can’t we fully understand these sites? Could it be the age or zodiac sign we have been in? We are intimately connected to our own solar system planets , the signs of the Zodiac and in particular the Orion Nebulae expressed in the positioning of the great Pyramids of Egypt its impressive take a look.

Around 1666 Black Plaque time ( or was it the great fire of London?) a C’est Que Vie Act ( on Scribd ) was passed in Britain effectively declaring everyone dead and lost at sea unless reclaimed within seven years, otherwise salvageable by Pirates. Those Pirates are our so-called ruler’s today as we are declared dead when registered at birth after coming down the berth canal (unbeknown to our parents) and salvaged by the Government and controlled by presumptions and legalese thereafter.

The Strawman Illusion was born:


If you want to check out more about the manipulation of written English/Latin words used in the New Zealand legal system or the meaning of Freeman ( The Kraken of constitutional discord)I referred to in my earlier post about the material world nursed by the banking system, Magna Carta, asset sales etc the truth is revealed by Bill Turner who is available to give a lecture on his findings by appointment.

How do we live without the Promissory Note or Bankers and money? A very popular series of light reading non-fiction books called The Ringing Cedars Of Russia in Free PDF download format can be found here. A true account of “man” protected and living in isolation from the “mind control”. They share the secrets to harness and master negative and positive energy and the higher consciousness of the Ancients so as to live(a long time) with the knowledge denied to most of humanity over the last two thousand years in the house of Pieces.

A great project for the materialistic/futuristic types is the Venus Project We are on the cusp of entering into the age of Aquarius according to Santos – signalled by the end date of the Mayan Calendar being a Galactic alignment and raising of higher consciousness. Set to officially start 21 December 2012 – the northern hemisphere winter solstice and last entry record on the ancient Mayan Calendar, so we are told.- It will be a rough ride for the “unconscious” , confused ( the ruling elites?) pushing for War by depressing the money dependant in Europe and stirring up the middle east ( the usual playground ) or those that just exude negative energy toward others, so hang on to your “hats”. A new ten thousand year golden age is dawning and will start with “the awakening of the “Kracken”!and changes in the old world order.

Can we really make our dreams come true? Do we dare to express something holy in Art, Music from the heart and soul. Where did this “sub-conscious inspiration” come from? – “the true consciousness” ? The evidence above suggests that it does and is. Ever wondered why children say the darndest things or look at you in a puzzled manner? Is there any moment more sincere than when you look into a babies eyes with love and you both smile – not many as pure aye. A great audio series of knowledge and the truth, our roots and the ignorance that “enslaves” true wisdom. Can we restore sacred balance? .You will know the answers from within when you allow it to be so, you only need to realise that we are out of sync ask the opposite of something to recognise a balance is needed, in my opinion this is the answer – a balanced as opposed to an ignorant view,recall something from your childhood and compare it to what you have been taught to find the truth – the truth is hiding behind your ignorance and fear. When we awaken to higher consciousness, accept the truth,the doors of universal knowledge and peace will open – ours to experience. Divided into our groups of lower consciousness, by misleading and dishonest belief, we will continue on the long road of divide, argument and rule leading to more cycles of devastation and slow rule. Or is this our destiny – our greatest ever challenge on the rise? A burst of true inspiration in music, the return of the Messiah – The Sun of the God in you, enjoy The 5th Dimension “Let The Sun Shine In”  – The Age Of Aquarius dawning – peace be with you.

Banks service debt with interest added loans and debt is the Global problem…lets get to the root!

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Nations that transact using a promissory note ( a notice) supplied by Banks are priced. The Banker’s “benefit” from an offer of debt, privilege, value and interest is “commerce” which leads to an irreversible state of insolvency – depressions, share market crashes, polities effectively manipulated control. Its all a huge game synonymous with Monopoly.


In case you didn’t know there are three distinct sovereign states in USA, England and Italia ( see my post about the Knights Templer). One based in London – The City Of London ( not what you would expect), the others in Rome – The Vatican or The Holy SEE (Sea) recall that the Vatican represented hope to the majority in poverty and heretics like Galileo who pronounced by new telescope observation that the teachings of the church that the earth was flat and that everything orbits the Earth was completely false, were to be ‘locked’ away from informing society – we now know that Galileo was correct. Therefore can the freedom fighters the so-called “nutters” are wrong again? I doubt it very much.

This suggests to me that the last supper painting explanation from Santos Bonacci and Danny Wilten in my post Holy Grail exposed really is worth serious consideration rather than our old enemy ignorance). Washington State being separate to Washington District of Colombia or DC. By Sovereign I mean they effectively govern themselves (and us ) – “the Crown Law”.


So those many nations in Commerce/Civil or Statutory/Admiralty Law trade and exchange in debt, frankly creating a ” circus full of clowns” we sometimes use the phrase “the money merry-go-round”. The Bankruptcy Act 1869 ( “Debtors in possession”) and later the Gold Standards Act 1925 (UK) confirm that the nations ( or the corporate peoples) of Great Britain under those Acts ( New Zealand included) have been previously bankrupted and deceased, creating estates – don’t worry there is a large body of that community asking questions out there too, but no doubt there has been a slight of hand/law to get around the problem OR a system setup to enslave everybody by creating a fictional entity using the Birth Registration process – the birth certificate. Can you rise from the dead?

This tends to suggest the establishment of some corporate or trust entity ( the Cestui Que Vie Act 1666) if not done prior to represent the (E)States affected. Is this the case with the New Zealand Corporation or Company and Australia – check the Coinage Act 1933? Link to American Securities Commission filings Queen In Right Of New Zealand . Servicing debt and the interest burden payments drives commerce and civil law or the law of the high seas, Crown/Roman Law ( yes it is only civil or statutory law) – are we trading in Bankruptcy illegally? If we re-interpret ( correctly ) law to say the law is the land we expose something very fascinating. Who IS the land – the all seeing eye Pyramid base stability (the living or no longer joindered to the Birth Certificate allcaps entity living on the land), without which it will tumble clearing the path to our ultimate destiny. Or does the pyramid symbol impose a false class structure upon our corrupted sub-conscious power? Some countries such as Greece, Iceland, Argentina and more have decided to rebut or ‘communise’ the established system of fiat money or fractional reserve money lending from Central Reserve Bankers/foreigners/subsidiaries and inherent devaluation properties – Greece looks to be under the control of a Banker to reinstate matters.

Country such as New Zealand print money to buy back Bonds at maturity or to pay interest. Admittedly why would person(s) lend without some form of remuneration that increases the value of lending?? A charitable tax expense? Interest free fiscal policy to stimulate labor or innovation and retain true value, investing excess in technology or increasing productivity would be ideal. Creating less demand on borrowings to produce “rubbish” and a stable self-sustaining economy locally ( will this change attitudes and lives dramatically – I think that’s a given) true value builds opposed to consideration ( “speculative” pricing and diminishing value) generated by the BEings labor or produce from the land the supreme source of all law by divine right. (12yo explains)


A report by Ian Parker indicates that this was progressing extremely well under an initiative by a Labour led Government under Prime Minister Hon. Savage until some legislative changes. An interesting situation is developing reported on a Blog by one Benjamin Fulford who is an ex financial editor of Forbes magazine now living in Japan. He reports an alliance of 140 countries are moving for a more “local currency interest free” system as opposed to the “privately owned foreign debt laden created by the interest “system that threatens the very essence of what is meant by community. In concluding his most recent posting he says:

“In any case once the corporate government of the US is put out of business, the Renminbi will become the currency of the world. The date given by two insiders for this event is September 16th. We again remind readers that many dates have come and gone without predictions turning true so please remain skeptical and only believe 100% when you actually see it happen. However, it is true that China has been systematically buying up all natural products like trees, copper, farmland or anything tangible to back a reality based currency“.

To his credit he predicted a serious legal action against the Federal Reserve as far back as three years ago and David Wilcock gives us the evidence in support.

If one cares to dwell deeper you will find some interesting “Financial Tyranny” articles by David Wilcock indicating a powerful rebellion against the old world order and exposure of corrupted agreements made after the second World War – a huge legal, socio-political storm is brewing. So why do “commonwealth” nations like New Zealand and Australia continue to borrow or sell valuable assets to raise capital at the whim of a very few so-called community voted individuals? The perils of an irreversible debt because of the interest and never ending control?

TREATY OF WAITANGI – A treaty between two nations..Truth

If they have a census that indicates a poor turnout at the voting polls – does this ignore the obligation to get the community/consensus vote and plow ahead with legislation? – is this the real weakness ignored by an excited minority? Who wants to vote for something generally perceived as corrupt/ a (E)State beneficiary/ a Corporate shareholder ?

This certainly seems to be the case after the signing of the Treaty Of Waitangi – the cycle continues. A Treaty is an agreement between sovereign nations – is this what it really was at Waitangi in 1840? YES! The two nation agreement cannot be construed as a sovereignty cessation between the Confederation of Chiefs and the Queen of England as that had been sorted in 1835 by signed declaration. There are a few good reasons to plow ahead urgently despite any deceit/illegal matters and this usually is that nations need to borrow from the outset ( eg colonisation) attracting participants and interested parties. We know that the interest portion on promissory note lending is not present but is added causing this dog eat dog eating frenzy by those that for one reason or another are dumbed to the cause and effect.

Heres a link to a great bunch of questions from a concerted group in New Zealand to parliamentary members. Effectively the reason why the Treason Act was repealed in New Zealand recently, no doubt. I guess we can now understand why the promissory notes were bought in ( no gold or silver unless stolen from some other unsuspecting souls such as China after WW11 ) – but the corruption and greed associated with its use is actually strangely turning around to slap the secret families e.g. Rothchilds and Morgans etc. back in the face bigtime. Nature has its way, she always will – but we can learn to work in unison with her, if we choose too. Thats the challenge!

The cause is the unlawful statutory law governed by foreign interest and the effect is inevitable implosion long-term, short-term we have recessions, wars and so on.

The higher portion of notes generated by commerce to the detriment and well-being of the majority in society and inadvertent impact on the land – an obscure breach against the source. The cycle of ongoing debt compounds requiring more borrowing, more interest and a build-up of ongoing debt or asset transfers. Now you know why we need to use more notes (loans) to buy anything over time ( called Inflation) as true value is the price paid to the interest – as the supply diminishes ( disappears/confiscated or is sold) the demand grows due to the scarcity – apply that to a nations productivity and you will understand the asset sale argument – we are selling our true value/sweat/future based on a share market speculated promissory note. Taxation may supplant true value but then that will be offset on some other spending elsewhere by the new corporate owners. With Christchurch costs increasing daily (and Electricity adjustments for inflation) sooner or later something will fold or we accept more debt with the interest as long as we can maintain a decent credit rating(whatever that means in a fictional system?) or pay the true value price in asset foreclosure. We saw this with the Think Big fiasco implemented by the Muldoon National Party. New Zealand had to buy some ‘rundown’ assets back from more borrowing – example New Zealand Rail. Its one big controlled circus, that’s all it is.

The few “fortunate or privileged” that sneak through the cracks improve their own comfort situation ( in a hopefully more stable part of the Pyramid ) blatantly ignorant of the less fortunate to squander in depression lower down giving us the “all seeing eye” pyramid symbol effect we associate with secret societies or the USA dollar bill – or so it seems for now anyway. Heres a great audio/video of a telephone call direct to a helpful staff member at the Bank Of England – a fellow bank of the Federal Reserve in New York and situated in a separate sovereign state in London called The City Of London. Incidentally it is admitted by the staff member called that they create electronic money and printed promissory notes ( out of thin air) with the interest secured by the labor of the peoples of the land or simply taxation – its more complex but essentially that’s it.


Technology although somewhat suppressed in many instances by regulation of patents eg Nikola Tesla now abound the Internet as it seems the World is deriving benefit by sharing and social media such as YouTube and Blogs.



One could look with great interest at the work of the Keshe Foundation (A Non-Profit organisation)who are attempting to educate humanity by inviting Political delegations from the whole world of nations. Effectively they have exposed the secret energy or the essence of the Universe stability of fusion between gravity and magnetic fields which Tesla was developing but which was suppressed by his Banker support – JP Morgan . Why? well Poles and Wires and hydro stations can be metered or manipulated by the money system etc.

In fact there is a large number of Free Energy producers out there. Fantastic Visionary projects that address causle root problems such as The Venus Project . One could say that this has somewhat been expressed in the beliefs of early communities until infiltrated by ulterior motives. By tapping into the plasma or fusion between the magnetic field that surrounds everything and the gravitational field advanced technology from Keshe Foundation is set to help awaken mankind. I know from personal communication they are wanting to talk with all nations at a political level for world peace using the details regarding highly advanced transport, energy, food and health technology available virtually FREE to every man, women or child worldwide.

I even emailed a number of New Zealand Cabinet Ministers including Brownlee, Joyce, Peters, Shearer and the Greens. The Maori Party was also emailed by me requesting they send a delegation to the proposed summits but with poor almost negative response. One response from the email address of the New Zealand polities given by Keshe Foundation replied “we wont’ be attending” obviously the preference is for more debt laden loans and suppression and the law of the high seas debacle {Update it looks as though Australia and USA are now taking part February 2013} Can you imagine the potential of this technology – it has unparalleled potential when applied peacefully because it understands nature from corrected (hidden previously?)knowledge or education rather than opposing it.Travel from one point on the globe to another in minutes – wow, protect your country from nuclear attack. Is this an expression of a transition from subconscious mind control to full consciousness – great.

A simple explanation on Youtube – awesome.

The end for the Promissory Note, the ongoing debt laden document that has taken the lives of millions if not billions. A Hallet report tells us that Hitler and Churchill were first cousins in blood and descend from a Rothchild. If that don’t get your backup you deserve to be represented by your Birth Certificate corporate fiction, assuming the report is accurate. All Queen Elizabeth II has to do to rebut the illegitimacy allegation is a DNA verification test?

  • Update 5/13 Further illegitimacy exposed upon the throne of England, after the discovery of King Richard III,s remains in an old church yard. This time vertified by DNA evidence.

Heres a documentary from an investigative documentary journalist of high repute  Sir Tony Robinson. He takes the throne away from the house of Tudor and the Rothchilds connection to that of the Hastings and an Aussie bloke in Australia as the true King Of England. Wow!

As Sean Plunket on RadioLive NZ would say: – this is nuts.

A very extensive Blog by New Zealander Ian Parker shares information he has researched over a number of years concerning the financial economic history and policy of New Zealand and the inevitable collapse of the debt driven interest in commerce/civil law. He exposes some information about John Keys the New Zealand Prime Minister that not many are bothered to understand fully as well, possibly at their peril – ex Federal Reserve ( need we say anymore? possibly ) Alternative “true” media source Vinney Eastwood interview on YouTube.

Much of our economic policy is directed by low-profile ex-bankers, including some very obscure organisations. The question maybe , what are they really doing with our assets? In fact what are they doing playing with legislation more to the point! We know that in this situation money is actually taken out of our economy – ordinary Joe Bloggs would say “so what? I have a roof over my head” ignorant of the negative impact to the nation and ultimately the Globe as a whole. What Bills are being introduced soon – July 2012? How do they impact the money management of the nation? will the new Bills provide direct policy “persuasion” in New Zealand to the Central Banks such as the Federal Reserve or the World Bank? Our next Reserve Bank Governor is a Kiwi and a World Bank insider. Will the upcoming Olympic Games in London distract the nation yet again?. Wow who is really celebrating? the Bank Of England? The Green Party of New Zealand is reported to be attempting to force a citizen initiated referendum to halt upcoming asset sales – will they miss the big one? Ultimately with the process being managed “coincidentally” by Goldman Sachs of America, the final decision still resides with the NZ Corporation we have been told is Government and looks a given.

This is what the cumulative current account looked like three years ago for nations based on IMF data. There is no reason to suggest that it is not accurate but I wonder what it looks like now? Clearly New Zealand has been absorbing and wasting more than what we are producing suggesting more debt and interest. Bank interest on lending is currently attractive but as we know once you are locked in the debt and interest continues. The greed builds with hunger for more consumption. I wonder why western nations are struggling with increasing levels of dementia affecting mainly elderly. Fluoride poisoning in the waterways?  For some strange reason financial services are exempt of taxes that all other businesses ordinarily pay, their annual profits are huge, they are favoured for a reason and that reason is control.


The only other way to challenge this short of having consensus voting for each Bill before Parliament by smartphones maybe a question of Sovereignty. Is this possible? The answer maybe in the documented history of New Zealand at a time of the early sea- trading activities or the in use “admiralty law”. Certainly the dealings seem somewhat devoid of true value after the signing of the Treaty at Waitangi in 1840. Maori would argue that subsequent contracts devoid of true value were unlawful. Article 2 indicates a lease tenure only arrangement? I suspect that the original Native language and meaning version ( recognised as the only version under International Law) needed an English/latin and some tobacco and rum twist to undermine the intent. The regulated Waitangi Tribunal is an attempt to redress much deceit but those negotiators that are Lawyers who swear allegiance to Queen Lizzy are Law Merchants under the UCC and have no jurisdiction over a living being, a Freeman ( The Kracken of Constitutional discord) or one with no birth registration joindering. There is also evidence to suggest that the early european settlers were also “coerced” by the early self-appointed (no mandate) Company/ Government into travelling down to New Zealand. Heck what was going on? a 19th century form of Monopoly.

In recent times, The New Zealand Maori Council presented a submission regarding the Sale of Assets to Minister Tony Ryall which expresses the action is in violation of The Treaty Of Waitangi principles and the Court Of Appeal decision of 1987 – is the Maori Council being distracted from the truth of the supreme power? The IS, the living, divorced from the fictional entity created at birth registration .

  • Update 2013 The matter finally ended up in the New Zealand Supreme Court where the Law Merchants took control – the result.

Mana Leader Hone Harawira really could have been on the right track to suggest a separate Maori Parliament. Is this possible? – I think it is when one does the research and distinguishes the application of the “law of the land” (Crown/Roman Law) in relation to “law is the land” ( Source, the unjoindered living) one will expose the frailties of any interested parties. Frankly for the Maori to DECODE their sovereignty position is simply by Sovereign Declaration registration at the UCC the Uniform Commercial Code. We know that English Common Law can be tracked from the signing of Magna Carta in 1215 and later re-affirmed and further enforced by Confirmatio Cartarum / Royal Charter of the Forrest in 1297 – effectively no future law change can protect a Sovereign from being brought to justice and no Barons or Peers aka Lawyers and Politicians should be in Parliament or Government and corrupt the INTENT of common law, and especially those that rise from the dead ( are born again ) fiction entity or corps oration created at birth registration. No repeals starting until 1893.

Heres a link to the Imperial Laws Application Act 1988 Section 5 .

In re Lundon and Whitaker Claims Act 1871 (1872) 2 N.Z.C.A. 41 Arney C.J., delivering the judgement of the Court Of Appeal said, at p.49 ‘The Crown is bound both by the Common Law of England and by its own solemn engagements to a full recognition of Native proprietary right’ The Honorable Baragwanath J in The Kraken Of Constitutional Discord speech cites the Magna Carta and Royal Charter of the Forrest / Confirmatio in New Zealand Statutes ( File at foot of this post).

What impact will a Ma-Ori move on Sovereignty have on non-Maori New Zealanders? – Could it actually embrace all New Zealanders? I would suggest very little in a negative sense but a great amount in a positive sense, “fear breeds fear” so what is the fear? Its not culture because there are similarities in base “class structure” and psychological understanding, – is it the interest? If it is the interest all roads, flight paths or sea-lanes lead back to the old world order back in the separate sovereign states in England, USA and Rome or the manipulated Civil/Admiralty Law in the form of statutes that they govern or control as the interested party infiltrating the superior living being but subject to “rebutive” supporting documentation, detailing the twelve presumptions used to enslave, particularly the English speaking Western nations. “True value is the land, the people – priceless”.

Heres an interesting video from a Cree Lawyer in North America to ‘chew’ over.

There is a Hero in you – check out the facial expressions of the young front row audience, more inspiration (inner-spirit) expressed in music from Mariah Carey, That a Hero lies in YOU!

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