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Wow there is alot of very well researched information here. It makes sense with the way corporations were set up and how it had to have started from somewhere in which greed and control can be manipulated. With these connections there is no way the Windsors can be honorable. This sort of treasonous activity would have gone to the gallows along time ago and is why the Golden Rule of Law has been kept asleep.


Part 1 By Duke Mehal Rockefeller:

All the Queens Horses and All the Queens Men: Part 1

In many ways, the House of Windsor condenses almost every element of this story. Son of a Black Nobility bloodline who are knowingly working to the Brotherhood Agenda and when you look behind the facade what you find is indeed very bleak. The Windsors are the most prominent reptilian family on the planet and operate in the heart of the global manipulation. There are “messengers” of a class and not the top of the pyramid, but are near to those who are.

The very coronation of the British monarch shows the true background to the Windsors and their predecessors. When she was crowned Queen Elizabeth II on June 2, 1953, all the regalia of the ceremony, the crowns, scepters, robes, sphere and bracelets, were taken from the Tower of London and kept at…

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Matt Damon Hollywood star and a great Actor reveals the objectivity of his thinking. To accept things without objectivity is to be misguided from the truth. Very interesting insight and worthy of investigation. There seems to be the odd quirky smile thrown in which to me seems as though he is expectant of likely response. Nevertheless one can safely assume that even high profile Hollywood actors are conscious of the activities undermining the capacity of humanity to reason.



Matt Damon isn’t asking you to start a revolution, but when you hear this, you might anyway. If you don’t love what you’re hearing after the first 29 seconds, jump to 3:31 for a nugget of truth that every American can stand behind.

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Tax on Transactions a chance to cleanup IRD botchup plan and corruption.

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Listening to argument on RadioLive in New Zealand is the idea that tax can be paid on all financial transactions yielding around 95 billion dollars annually with government expenditure only 55 billion leaving a surplus of 40 billion New Zealand dollars. What a great concept worthy of policy support by parties that are courageous enough to buck the current system of the Inland Revenue Department – Corporate Sole with links back to the IMF, the growing current account debt and the control merchants.

This therefore highlights the real problem in that countries are dependent on foreign exchange dealing and fluctuating currencies to trade competitively. The problem was noted by Economist James Tobin who tried to encourage governments and local central banks to introduce a Tobin Tax prior to the Bretton Woods agreement through which sufficient reserves could be held to ward off speculative attacks on local currencies by dealers in currencies. It’s the old cause and effect syndrome, misguided by arrogance and ignorance again. Serfdom are treated like a pack of ‘retards’, and, frankly the ill-informed, misguided, may as well be.

Meantime an update to previous articles. John Banks who previously denied any knowledge of a $50k donation made by Kim Dotcom to his Auckland Mayoral campaign has been successfully committed to trial through the efforts of private prosecutor Graham McCready. This was earlier discussed, and should be encouraged , however the idea of the Crown Solicitor taking over the prosecution ‘stinks’ of ‘a clear conflict of interest’ and likely withdrawal of the case by Police in due course. It is a shame that Mr McCready couldn’t progress the prosecution himself as there would have been a far better chance of a conviction against Banks, who  is definitely guilty, in the eyes of many in serfdom.

Unfortunately, the ‘utilitarian democratic’ or should that be ‘totalitarian in disguise’ New Zealand Government are dead set on revamping the IRD computer systems with a  multi-billion dollar ‘computer ballsup’  instead of a fairer transaction tax and Tobin tax that can be easily administered, especially when cooperation and by effect transparency is significantly enhanced, as living standards inherently improve for all consumers and with better technology at considerably less or lower cost and debt. Coupled with this is the recent report issued by the telecommunication commissioner requesting a cut by Chorus of broadband fees to consumers, dramatically jeopardizing the National government ultra fast broadband roll-out. In other words more borrowing to keep the ‘old control wheels turning’ and suppression of the serfs. Any action to the contrary risks exposure publicly to be ethically and morally questionable. The more these decisions are made the greater we learn of the corruption and dictatorship controlling ‘serfdom’.  Fortunately, however we live in a world of information that is driving for complete transparency and change. Technology is virtually in the ‘air’ that we breathe now and digging up trenches to supplant wires or even the overhead wires may only be of use for transitioning, but, at great expense to consumers.Hey, we are all different in many ways but through information and transparency and the re-introduction of the Golden Rule of Law (or all are subject or equal in  law including Queen,Prime Minister, Judiciary and Politicians), responsibility and accountability is hidden by the system of bureaucracy and therefore the Golden Rule of all ancient cultures from time immemorial until mercantilism, ‘sleeps’. Strangely though it is the base for Magna Charta and the Charter of the Forrest, so-called founding documents but in reality far from it, of the so-called western world. I earlier discussed in a previous post you can find in the Holy Grail category of these blog postings, but, for sneaky legislation in recent times, Treasonous actions of the bureaucracy are now difficult if not impossible to bring to bear – that is the problem you see and that is why it has always been around but for recent times through mercantilism.  Is this a deliberate ploy to maintain control over humanity, especially in western cultures?, probably.

Will it succeed in ‘socialist’ Cultures such as China or Russia, South America (historically) or Asia the emerging economies not so laden with ‘funny money debt’ ?, not likely. When the Golden Rule is re-introduced, into western legislation, through an uprising, be prepared for a huge paradigm shift where everyone can express opinion, are given a fair go, enhance knowledge and reduce the incidences of biased ‘in-house and one-eyed’ decision making or in other words treason by corruption.

We can learn to improve our understanding and therefore harness the tacit knowledge that can make humanity truly great in the sense that, we may be able to prepare for the next ‘large-scale clean-out’ by nature that will occur sooner or later at the current rate of ‘mind manipulation’ and environmental degradation supported by ‘monopoly fun  money’ or so-called quantitive easing policy or when least expected. When this money gets used to buy foreign assets, such as those recently floated by the National government, it is just a huge sham. Its only value is the paper it is printed on. Sure from a contractual perspective there maybe an offer, consideration and agreement, but, to suggest it is a valid transaction, valid acceptance of ‘real’ property value is another matter.

UPDATE 22/11/13 Report issued by Environment Commissioner click here..

The New Zealand system of government professes to be a democracy but if you have been following previous articles you will better understand that it is an hypocrisy, has a revolution-torn future, because decision-making is divided, politicians break election promises or are to ’embarrassed’ to change in response to better information, better technology or public opinion and even if wrong can still get legislation squeaked through by a ‘one-eyed’ ruling coalition, which in New Zealand is led by the National Government.

What a great idea if a transaction tax could be developed and realised, effectively cutting all requirements  Goods and Services Tax (GST) , PAYE and other taxes that favour businesses in the sense that profit can be offset by further investment, getting rid of wage workers with efficiency gain or in the case of Foreign Direct Investments, siphoned back to home countries and therefore on-going control of the working classes or control of the serfs. That said, according to Benjamin Fulford the Cabal controlled Banking system, that controls serfdom, may be close to being dismantled. In New Zealand we are seeing closer economic relations with China manifesting with the announcement that China’s and the World’s largest Bank, ICBC, setting up shop here. This could be a sign that ‘control’ is now changing, however, with Don Brash on as a Director, I suspect that in this particular incidence, it is bound to be of concern. Benjamin Fulford has previously predicted that the Chinese Renminbi will be the next world standard currency and when you look at what is owed to them from the financial tyranny reported by many including David Wilcock it is not difficult to see that this is likely. Asia-Pacific will be the next great economic superpower, with China the main driving force, as USA succumb to the ‘back-house’ deals of the privately owned Federal Reserve printing press, now recently in the News as quantitive easing.

By now however the National Government Senior Ministers will be learning that in mercantilism there is no future as it cannot expect to control the winds of change that the people of the world are expressing. The time is nearing, the force is to great, to rid the world of corruption and to advance toward a destiny that awaits human beings and if Keshe has his way – travel the stars. We have the collective knowledge to enrich lives beyond the veil of uncertainty and manipulated control now that we are connected and begin to learn true knowledge in a collaborative environment, the tacit knowledge latent in each and everyone can now be expressed online, where connected.

While there is great research in International Business to allow for free market trade of goods and services, surely people must realize that we cannot continue to rape the world of resources that we have better alternatives that can be applied. Sure a competitive environment has been the norm since the industrial revolution but greed through capitalism has taken a strong grip on in particular the ‘democratic world’. Many are now beginning to realise there is more, much more than money as a benchmark or realistically that it is a hindrance. The problem maybe psychological matter that is deep-rooted from past oppression, slavery, disease and abuse, but which through ignorance or other distractions such as making money , the ‘dumbing down effect’ is not comprehensible nor discussed to fully understand the impact. Hey you make look good in a flash car but that won’t stop nature from dishing out what she has in store for you. You can bet she won’t need to pay for it either. In New Zealand we are committed to our primary produce expertise which regrettably cannot possibly employ everyone let alone the now obvious risks of environmental degradation, especially the Dairy industry and the impact of nitrates long-lasting in soils and underground water , therefore many turn to the bottle or drugs for somethings interesting to do. I really have to just shake my head in absolute dismay to hear New Zealanders on RadioLive ‘knocking’ the Green Party in New Zealand for advocating fossil fuel alternatives. The discussion includes claims that the rise in temperatures, unusual storm activity, melting and spreading of ice in the Artic and Antarctica, smog riddled cities and so on are the effects of a cyclical pattern. I agree we are part of large cycles, but, modern science is slow to acknowledge ancient teachings or as indicated much of it is deliberately hidden from humanity to maintain control. I say to those that oppose the Green Party concerns to try shutting themselves in their own garage (doors and windows shut) and leave the car running for 15 minutes and hope to survive the fumigation or carbon dioxide poisoning and prove your point that you believe climatic changes is not caused by the activities of mercantilism and capitalism. It’s really that simple to get the right answer as to what the cow poo and exhaust fumes from vehicles is doing to our atmosphere. Will you do that?, Not likely aye because you know it will be your death bed aye, So where is that fumigation going?, it should come right with the next cycle? back in the ground somehow? Not from what I can SEE and SMELL its in the air that we breathe. Will we end up like Mars, who, it has been recently reported actually had an atmosphere, water and so on but for some strange occurrence, under study, the atmosphere collapsed, causing the Planet to essentially now resemble an orbiting ‘wreck’ of its former self. I don’t think we want our atmosphere to collapse in the future or do we? There must be some reason behind the vast resources being consumed to send missions there in recent times. Maybe its a long-term plan for a select few in the future, that will fail?  I have said this in many posts that we need to get INSYNC, we are a mere grain of sand in a Beach of Stars and Planets and there are more intelligent beings light years ahead of us in development, out there waiting to see what will happen down here. Are we ready to grow up?

When we learn to get INSYNC with nature and refrain from further abuse (especially, mentally) then and only then will we have a chance to repair the damage that is building up to a ‘catastrophe’ or as experienced many times in the ancient past a ‘cleansing’  and a slow rebuild from the remnants again. Sure, there is a period of transitioning required, however, investment seems to be centered toward oil exploration in New Zealand, when our close neighbours, Australia, have already discovered large inland deposits at Coober Pedy in Victoria. It’s a massive find, larger than Iraq, Iran and Saudi Arabia combined, which will be sufficient for local and export levels and therefore likely lower cost to New Zealand (transportation) than what we currently pay or even as a countertrade activity in exchange for food produce? So why are we selling our oil or even risking exploration and threatening our shorelines with catastrophe for a pittance royalty? Likely, there is some form of corruption (a back-hander?) in the background.

Unfortunately, the New Zealand government has supported oil exploration off the Taranaki Coast, despite overwhelming public opposition, at a dangerous depth that if things go horribly wrong, will not only threaten our coastline but also the near extinct endemic Maui Dolphin and fisheries. Again, I refer to my earlier attempts for the New Zealand delegates to initiate contact with the Keshe Foundation (Non-profit) and develop green energy far more powerful and without the need to use fossil fuels sooner rather than later and leave the earth “hole-free”,  I only hope that this doesn’t come back to haunt us all, in the near future.

I think Michael Jackson says it all in music –  true inspiration from the King of Pop