Changing the way we trade and currency

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Anyone with in depth knowledge about Finance will know that booms and busts have been common for at least the past five hundred years. With it has been a lot of turmoil and disruption sometimes War. Here is a simple explanation as to how these problems were solved for thousands of years prior to the current crisis of low interest rates and overpriced housing or inflationary pressure. Think long-term rather than short-term is the key.




Freeman movement movie – Wakeup!

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Well we are heading into another election in NZ with all the scandal, propaganda and rhetoric associated with it from all sides as they position themselves to attract voters and corporation control. The Internet Party is a great concept and might attract some of the 800,000 non-voters ( from the previous election) that might be attracted by someone who has the ‘balls’ to change things for the good. He seems to be targeting John Key very effectively.

Can the Internet Party display the capacity to nationalise the Reserve Bank and lend money interest free. That scenario is not likely as there isn’t anyone with the brain capacity or ‘balls’ to investigate options contrary to popular ‘brain washing distractions’ such as the need to make profit, diverted as interest and or a position that is more aligned with modern strategic theory analysis. There is of course the argument that economic activity will boost economies, health and education especially in new emerging economies, but, that is if an accurate assessment of what is valued, what will add value and create demand by emerging economies in the East when compared with the ‘brainwashed’ West, has been made? We see increasing use of the Internet and more foreign students in Western Universities but we cannot possibly hope to convince them all. Population and pollution are more pressing problems in large populations and increased economic activity that ‘pollutes’ these environments cannot be sustained or are acceptable. How can western society hope to convince these populations to burn, supplant and uproot traditional values in the East. It hasnot happened previously and will not happen anytime soon.  Many in the East likely see the western ‘lifestyle’ with disdain, excessive consumerism, environmental degradation acceptability. The West is so complacent in that belief it cannot see and feel the thinking in the East. Sure, there is some activity, people are probably going to die but the task is massive and ultimately impossible for the New World Order structure of command.

Check out this article from McKinsey & Co. to understand that even large corporations are questioning the “old boys structure” or Capitalism. That it needs to change with the people. We are at a tipping point and the regime is simply unsustainable. The gentlemen interviewed is Unilever CEO Paul Polman.

Previously, I raised an article about the likelihood of a strong move by the Chinese Renmembi to overtake the USD as the central exchange standard internationally – was it planned for US to be strangled with huge interest laden debt?  The Bankers got so greedy, they have lost control of the whole situation. Or are they up to all sorts of ‘tricks’ that much of what is going on is part of the one world order mandate, waiting and ensuring the right people are in place (persuasive politicians) to convince the majority of voters and maintain control. NZ recently accepted the direct exchange with the Chinese Renmembi.

Quantitive easing ( printing more money) might as well be done by each country on their own instead of borrowing at interest from privately owned Banks. Trading becomes a more direct transaction, but is it sustainable as resources become more scarce because of greedy consumption influence. Have we got time to rectify the obvious environmental degradation and anti-biotic resistant diseases that  our planet  ‘heaven’ is threatened by. Can we unite without the ‘distraction’ caused by interest laden debt with advanced technology. Also why do all these wars pop up from to time to time – interest laden debt. Who stirs up the trouble, all the time. We get News recently about Russia invading Ukraine but why would Russia even bother. There must a deeper reason behind the stance that Putin has adopted not reported mainstream – mainstream owned by you know who. If you have some time there is some great ‘evidence’ and rational argument that essentially it all comes down to consent. Consent that you are tricked into giving without prior or present knowledge until now.

President Ronald Regan (after John F Kennedy) had some ‘balls’  and stood up to ‘the secret government’ but unlike JFK he survived an  assassination attempt which also pushed him off course. The message here is that all the problems around the world is with your consent. We need true leaders to rise to the challenge, someone with ‘balls’ who will lead with the responsibility and accountability for actions taken on behalf of the people personally – as prescribed in the Magna Carta 1215. Not ‘skanky’ gutless politicians full of rubbish rhetoric lost in the matrix.

“Products of our Environment” with Jacque Fresco Venus Project

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A great  interview with Jacque Fresco of the Venus Project by Mark Sainsbury of CloseUp fame in New Zealand. His vision is true and undeniable and he is to be admired for trying to awaken humanity from inevitable destruction. Technology and the abolishment of scarcity – no money required and a Resource Based Economy. Strategic Management theory supports this view for corporations and organisations in that in order to create value and sustainability they need to develop these from the resources that they use in their business activity. Jacque applies this theory on a global scale for sustainability of humanity. If you were born bathed in sunshine or somewhere dark, his words ring true in every sense. The answers are in nature, just open your eyes and see, smell, hear, feel, taste and reflect.

Here’s a link to an earlier article in the Banks category of this Blog that features another great video in more detail of what Jacques is thinking in contrast to the blinded or manipulated existence of self interest. He is also featured in the highly collaborated feature movement Zeitgeist The Movie.

English: Photo of Jacque Fresco
English: Photo of Jacque Fresco (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Trillion Dollars Lawsuit …. an update

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Agent David Wilcock
Agent David Wilcock (Photo credit: DougStephensAwesome)


Looks as though Mr Neil Keenan is not put off to easily. This story was covered in an earlier post and in detail by David Wilcock at . All one can say is that its a great idea especially if gold is not as scarce as we are told it is and that we are effectively all filthy rich.



An update from the One Peoples Public Trust

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How the system works explained – the deception of law and commerce. Explained by a trustee.

OPPT + Keshe Foundation = Major Paradigm Shift

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While this is extremely interesting I feel we need to tread very carefully or methodically to avoid any confusion. Both OPPT and Keshe do provide a different world there is no harm or rush for everyone to embrace these without thorough investigation and thought.

ecology Of everything


Choose, Servitude or Freedom

Yes, it is a choice. All of the screaming and yelling for people to “WAKE UP!” is over. All of the bitching about what has been wrong is over. All that is left is the inertia of the past being brought into the present. The proverbial chicken with its head cut off.

The means and tools for liberation and self-determination have been placed before us and exist in this space and time right now. No speculation or negativity can alter that reality. Change is upon us and it is real. We all have a choice to step into that present reality and create a future from this place of power or we can remain cowardly in the status quo, which will just deteriorate around us and become more and more dysfunctional and painful. All things living want to continue. The old paradigm will continue, for a…

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JPMorgan and the ‘Dirty Money’ Flow

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JP Morgan. I seem to remember a mention in a previous article that JP Morgan was the Banker that controlled Nikola Tesla – Electricity


JPMorgan Chase headquarters in New York. Photo: AP

JPMorgan Chase headquarters in New York. Photo: AP

JPMorgan Chase’s Record Highlights Doubts About Big Banks’ Devotion to Fighting Dirty Money Flows

By Michael Hudson, ICIJ – April 30, 2013

Money-laundering issues at U.S. and UK financial firms shed light on role of rich nations and elite banks in the offshore world.

In the summer of 2009, Jennifer Sharkey was moving in select company. As a Manhattan-based vice president at JPMorgan Chase & Co.’s Private Wealth Management group, she juggled relationships with 75 “high net worth” clients with assets totaling more than half a billion dollars.

Things changed for her, she claims, after she raised doubts about a “suspect” foreign client who had millions stashed in various accounts at the bank.

The client was making questionable cash transfers and concealing who actually owned certain accounts, according to a lawsuit Sharkey is pursuing in federal court in Manhattan. She also…

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