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The alternative to Banks,NFC and the use of creditcards..SMSGlobalExchange

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The hesitation and delayed adoption of NFC in retail outlets worldwide is understandable. The cost of compliance will be expensive for merchants let alone waiting for consumers to buy NFC capable smartphones. Surveys indicate that smartphone usage is most popular for gaming activities and that because markets are saturated with older handsets the adoption of smartphones generally, is retarded. In emerging economies such as China and India the adoption rate is much higher. There are many other reasons of a socio-technical nature related to mobile technology adoption being researched. Privacy, Trust, Education etc.

For smartphone users and merchants an alternative to NFC compliance requirements gaining rapid adoption is the use of barcodes to process mobile payments. This requires software/hardware that can scan the barcode and process a payment – available already in many retail chains.

The SMSGlobalExchange concept is ideally positioned to perform these features easily with many added applications and enhanced security including account storage or Exchange as opposed to calling it a Bank. Essentially a non profit organisation to provide humanity with an exchange for alternative units and low interest or free lending maintaining value and building wealth for all Users. To learn more please email us to access further information. We are also inviting developers to the project which will undertake a feasibility exercise to incorporate an independent satellite communications channel.

Here is a link to an article from Mobile Commerce Daily. China is also embracing a NFC alternative form of mobile payments rapidly.  This leads one to suggest – why change a nice mobilephone to one that has  NFC capability at more cost and for merchants why upgrade to new terminals when your current model will likely do just fine?

Another of interest application is Zidisha. Through this application investors can do business in emerging economies, micro-financing, tapping into the rapid adoption rates of mobile phone usage. for information on Zidisha click here..

Another is M-Pesa in Africa. The ability to process transactions over vast distances or remotely, independent of any card debt,  is the true benefit of mobile payments

If you are a developer wanting access to more information, Contact Us for details about this exciting development .

Notice also that this technology also opens doors to more meaningful engagement with your target consumers by direct marketing opportunities to promote and develop your branding and provide information to users from a corporate social responsibilty perspective. Yet more strife with old card based systems is brewing right hear in New Zealand and Auckland buses – yet more costs and borrowing for taxpayers ( could it all be a huge game of debt and interest?). The problem seems to be that the New Zealand based card system is trying to integrate with a French international contractor using its own system. The answer is simply allow the French version to roll out without delay, use a more modern alternative for mobile payments that caters for ALL mobilephone users at little or no cost to comply.The message to all stakeholders is “wakeup” and don’t be fooled again. New ‘card-less’ technology and exposure of the truth should expose the cumbersome less agile  Near Field Communication credit card-based systems into the past. Its ludicrous to even contemplate the thought, but then, as usual many just follow like a herd of sheep. Is it going to be costly to fix the blunders?  – of course it is. Begs the question, why is it being pushed into the system in the first place. Who will pay for it ?  – yes you are right again – the taxpayer? Its all about keeping nations in debt and under control. Update 3/2013 a great example of executive manipulation, why, Agenda 21 ? and corporate flaws is the NOVAPAY payroll system for education providers in New Zealand and Solid Energy mismanagement practices debacle here in New Zealand.


Banks service debt with interest added loans and debt is the Global problem…lets get to the root!

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Nations that transact using a promissory note ( a notice) supplied by Banks are priced. The Banker’s “benefit” from an offer of debt, privilege, value and interest is “commerce” which leads to an irreversible state of insolvency – depressions, share market crashes, polities effectively manipulated control. Its all a huge game synonymous with Monopoly.


In case you didn’t know there are three distinct sovereign states in USA, England and Italia ( see my post about the Knights Templer). One based in London – The City Of London ( not what you would expect), the others in Rome – The Vatican or The Holy SEE (Sea) recall that the Vatican represented hope to the majority in poverty and heretics like Galileo who pronounced by new telescope observation that the teachings of the church that the earth was flat and that everything orbits the Earth was completely false, were to be ‘locked’ away from informing society – we now know that Galileo was correct. Therefore can the freedom fighters the so-called “nutters” are wrong again? I doubt it very much.

This suggests to me that the last supper painting explanation from Santos Bonacci and Danny Wilten in my post Holy Grail exposed really is worth serious consideration rather than our old enemy ignorance). Washington State being separate to Washington District of Colombia or DC. By Sovereign I mean they effectively govern themselves (and us ) – “the Crown Law”.


So those many nations in Commerce/Civil or Statutory/Admiralty Law trade and exchange in debt, frankly creating a ” circus full of clowns” we sometimes use the phrase “the money merry-go-round”. The Bankruptcy Act 1869 ( “Debtors in possession”) and later the Gold Standards Act 1925 (UK) confirm that the nations ( or the corporate peoples) of Great Britain under those Acts ( New Zealand included) have been previously bankrupted and deceased, creating estates – don’t worry there is a large body of that community asking questions out there too, but no doubt there has been a slight of hand/law to get around the problem OR a system setup to enslave everybody by creating a fictional entity using the Birth Registration process – the birth certificate. Can you rise from the dead?

This tends to suggest the establishment of some corporate or trust entity ( the Cestui Que Vie Act 1666) if not done prior to represent the (E)States affected. Is this the case with the New Zealand Corporation or Company and Australia – check the Coinage Act 1933? Link to American Securities Commission filings Queen In Right Of New Zealand . Servicing debt and the interest burden payments drives commerce and civil law or the law of the high seas, Crown/Roman Law ( yes it is only civil or statutory law) – are we trading in Bankruptcy illegally? If we re-interpret ( correctly ) law to say the law is the land we expose something very fascinating. Who IS the land – the all seeing eye Pyramid base stability (the living or no longer joindered to the Birth Certificate allcaps entity living on the land), without which it will tumble clearing the path to our ultimate destiny. Or does the pyramid symbol impose a false class structure upon our corrupted sub-conscious power? Some countries such as Greece, Iceland, Argentina and more have decided to rebut or ‘communise’ the established system of fiat money or fractional reserve money lending from Central Reserve Bankers/foreigners/subsidiaries and inherent devaluation properties – Greece looks to be under the control of a Banker to reinstate matters.

Country such as New Zealand print money to buy back Bonds at maturity or to pay interest. Admittedly why would person(s) lend without some form of remuneration that increases the value of lending?? A charitable tax expense? Interest free fiscal policy to stimulate labor or innovation and retain true value, investing excess in technology or increasing productivity would be ideal. Creating less demand on borrowings to produce “rubbish” and a stable self-sustaining economy locally ( will this change attitudes and lives dramatically – I think that’s a given) true value builds opposed to consideration ( “speculative” pricing and diminishing value) generated by the BEings labor or produce from the land the supreme source of all law by divine right. (12yo explains)


A report by Ian Parker indicates that this was progressing extremely well under an initiative by a Labour led Government under Prime Minister Hon. Savage until some legislative changes. An interesting situation is developing reported on a Blog by one Benjamin Fulford who is an ex financial editor of Forbes magazine now living in Japan. He reports an alliance of 140 countries are moving for a more “local currency interest free” system as opposed to the “privately owned foreign debt laden created by the interest “system that threatens the very essence of what is meant by community. In concluding his most recent posting he says:

“In any case once the corporate government of the US is put out of business, the Renminbi will become the currency of the world. The date given by two insiders for this event is September 16th. We again remind readers that many dates have come and gone without predictions turning true so please remain skeptical and only believe 100% when you actually see it happen. However, it is true that China has been systematically buying up all natural products like trees, copper, farmland or anything tangible to back a reality based currency“.

To his credit he predicted a serious legal action against the Federal Reserve as far back as three years ago and David Wilcock gives us the evidence in support.

If one cares to dwell deeper you will find some interesting “Financial Tyranny” articles by David Wilcock indicating a powerful rebellion against the old world order and exposure of corrupted agreements made after the second World War – a huge legal, socio-political storm is brewing. So why do “commonwealth” nations like New Zealand and Australia continue to borrow or sell valuable assets to raise capital at the whim of a very few so-called community voted individuals? The perils of an irreversible debt because of the interest and never ending control?

TREATY OF WAITANGI – A treaty between two nations..Truth

If they have a census that indicates a poor turnout at the voting polls – does this ignore the obligation to get the community/consensus vote and plow ahead with legislation? – is this the real weakness ignored by an excited minority? Who wants to vote for something generally perceived as corrupt/ a (E)State beneficiary/ a Corporate shareholder ?

This certainly seems to be the case after the signing of the Treaty Of Waitangi – the cycle continues. A Treaty is an agreement between sovereign nations – is this what it really was at Waitangi in 1840? YES! The two nation agreement cannot be construed as a sovereignty cessation between the Confederation of Chiefs and the Queen of England as that had been sorted in 1835 by signed declaration. There are a few good reasons to plow ahead urgently despite any deceit/illegal matters and this usually is that nations need to borrow from the outset ( eg colonisation) attracting participants and interested parties. We know that the interest portion on promissory note lending is not present but is added causing this dog eat dog eating frenzy by those that for one reason or another are dumbed to the cause and effect.

Heres a link to a great bunch of questions from a concerted group in New Zealand to parliamentary members. Effectively the reason why the Treason Act was repealed in New Zealand recently, no doubt. I guess we can now understand why the promissory notes were bought in ( no gold or silver unless stolen from some other unsuspecting souls such as China after WW11 ) – but the corruption and greed associated with its use is actually strangely turning around to slap the secret families e.g. Rothchilds and Morgans etc. back in the face bigtime. Nature has its way, she always will – but we can learn to work in unison with her, if we choose too. Thats the challenge!

The cause is the unlawful statutory law governed by foreign interest and the effect is inevitable implosion long-term, short-term we have recessions, wars and so on.

The higher portion of notes generated by commerce to the detriment and well-being of the majority in society and inadvertent impact on the land – an obscure breach against the source. The cycle of ongoing debt compounds requiring more borrowing, more interest and a build-up of ongoing debt or asset transfers. Now you know why we need to use more notes (loans) to buy anything over time ( called Inflation) as true value is the price paid to the interest – as the supply diminishes ( disappears/confiscated or is sold) the demand grows due to the scarcity – apply that to a nations productivity and you will understand the asset sale argument – we are selling our true value/sweat/future based on a share market speculated promissory note. Taxation may supplant true value but then that will be offset on some other spending elsewhere by the new corporate owners. With Christchurch costs increasing daily (and Electricity adjustments for inflation) sooner or later something will fold or we accept more debt with the interest as long as we can maintain a decent credit rating(whatever that means in a fictional system?) or pay the true value price in asset foreclosure. We saw this with the Think Big fiasco implemented by the Muldoon National Party. New Zealand had to buy some ‘rundown’ assets back from more borrowing – example New Zealand Rail. Its one big controlled circus, that’s all it is.

The few “fortunate or privileged” that sneak through the cracks improve their own comfort situation ( in a hopefully more stable part of the Pyramid ) blatantly ignorant of the less fortunate to squander in depression lower down giving us the “all seeing eye” pyramid symbol effect we associate with secret societies or the USA dollar bill – or so it seems for now anyway. Heres a great audio/video of a telephone call direct to a helpful staff member at the Bank Of England – a fellow bank of the Federal Reserve in New York and situated in a separate sovereign state in London called The City Of London. Incidentally it is admitted by the staff member called that they create electronic money and printed promissory notes ( out of thin air) with the interest secured by the labor of the peoples of the land or simply taxation – its more complex but essentially that’s it.


Technology although somewhat suppressed in many instances by regulation of patents eg Nikola Tesla now abound the Internet as it seems the World is deriving benefit by sharing and social media such as YouTube and Blogs.



One could look with great interest at the work of the Keshe Foundation (A Non-Profit organisation)who are attempting to educate humanity by inviting Political delegations from the whole world of nations. Effectively they have exposed the secret energy or the essence of the Universe stability of fusion between gravity and magnetic fields which Tesla was developing but which was suppressed by his Banker support – JP Morgan . Why? well Poles and Wires and hydro stations can be metered or manipulated by the money system etc.

In fact there is a large number of Free Energy producers out there. Fantastic Visionary projects that address causle root problems such as The Venus Project . One could say that this has somewhat been expressed in the beliefs of early communities until infiltrated by ulterior motives. By tapping into the plasma or fusion between the magnetic field that surrounds everything and the gravitational field advanced technology from Keshe Foundation is set to help awaken mankind. I know from personal communication they are wanting to talk with all nations at a political level for world peace using the details regarding highly advanced transport, energy, food and health technology available virtually FREE to every man, women or child worldwide.

I even emailed a number of New Zealand Cabinet Ministers including Brownlee, Joyce, Peters, Shearer and the Greens. The Maori Party was also emailed by me requesting they send a delegation to the proposed summits but with poor almost negative response. One response from the email address of the New Zealand polities given by Keshe Foundation replied “we wont’ be attending” obviously the preference is for more debt laden loans and suppression and the law of the high seas debacle {Update it looks as though Australia and USA are now taking part February 2013} Can you imagine the potential of this technology – it has unparalleled potential when applied peacefully because it understands nature from corrected (hidden previously?)knowledge or education rather than opposing it.Travel from one point on the globe to another in minutes – wow, protect your country from nuclear attack. Is this an expression of a transition from subconscious mind control to full consciousness – great.

A simple explanation on Youtube – awesome.

The end for the Promissory Note, the ongoing debt laden document that has taken the lives of millions if not billions. A Hallet report tells us that Hitler and Churchill were first cousins in blood and descend from a Rothchild. If that don’t get your backup you deserve to be represented by your Birth Certificate corporate fiction, assuming the report is accurate. All Queen Elizabeth II has to do to rebut the illegitimacy allegation is a DNA verification test?

  • Update 5/13 Further illegitimacy exposed upon the throne of England, after the discovery of King Richard III,s remains in an old church yard. This time vertified by DNA evidence.

Heres a documentary from an investigative documentary journalist of high repute  Sir Tony Robinson. He takes the throne away from the house of Tudor and the Rothchilds connection to that of the Hastings and an Aussie bloke in Australia as the true King Of England. Wow!

As Sean Plunket on RadioLive NZ would say: – this is nuts.

A very extensive Blog by New Zealander Ian Parker shares information he has researched over a number of years concerning the financial economic history and policy of New Zealand and the inevitable collapse of the debt driven interest in commerce/civil law. He exposes some information about John Keys the New Zealand Prime Minister that not many are bothered to understand fully as well, possibly at their peril – ex Federal Reserve ( need we say anymore? possibly ) Alternative “true” media source Vinney Eastwood interview on YouTube.

Much of our economic policy is directed by low-profile ex-bankers, including some very obscure organisations. The question maybe , what are they really doing with our assets? In fact what are they doing playing with legislation more to the point! We know that in this situation money is actually taken out of our economy – ordinary Joe Bloggs would say “so what? I have a roof over my head” ignorant of the negative impact to the nation and ultimately the Globe as a whole. What Bills are being introduced soon – July 2012? How do they impact the money management of the nation? will the new Bills provide direct policy “persuasion” in New Zealand to the Central Banks such as the Federal Reserve or the World Bank? Our next Reserve Bank Governor is a Kiwi and a World Bank insider. Will the upcoming Olympic Games in London distract the nation yet again?. Wow who is really celebrating? the Bank Of England? The Green Party of New Zealand is reported to be attempting to force a citizen initiated referendum to halt upcoming asset sales – will they miss the big one? Ultimately with the process being managed “coincidentally” by Goldman Sachs of America, the final decision still resides with the NZ Corporation we have been told is Government and looks a given.

This is what the cumulative current account looked like three years ago for nations based on IMF data. There is no reason to suggest that it is not accurate but I wonder what it looks like now? Clearly New Zealand has been absorbing and wasting more than what we are producing suggesting more debt and interest. Bank interest on lending is currently attractive but as we know once you are locked in the debt and interest continues. The greed builds with hunger for more consumption. I wonder why western nations are struggling with increasing levels of dementia affecting mainly elderly. Fluoride poisoning in the waterways?  For some strange reason financial services are exempt of taxes that all other businesses ordinarily pay, their annual profits are huge, they are favoured for a reason and that reason is control.


The only other way to challenge this short of having consensus voting for each Bill before Parliament by smartphones maybe a question of Sovereignty. Is this possible? The answer maybe in the documented history of New Zealand at a time of the early sea- trading activities or the in use “admiralty law”. Certainly the dealings seem somewhat devoid of true value after the signing of the Treaty at Waitangi in 1840. Maori would argue that subsequent contracts devoid of true value were unlawful. Article 2 indicates a lease tenure only arrangement? I suspect that the original Native language and meaning version ( recognised as the only version under International Law) needed an English/latin and some tobacco and rum twist to undermine the intent. The regulated Waitangi Tribunal is an attempt to redress much deceit but those negotiators that are Lawyers who swear allegiance to Queen Lizzy are Law Merchants under the UCC and have no jurisdiction over a living being, a Freeman ( The Kracken of Constitutional discord) or one with no birth registration joindering. There is also evidence to suggest that the early european settlers were also “coerced” by the early self-appointed (no mandate) Company/ Government into travelling down to New Zealand. Heck what was going on? a 19th century form of Monopoly.

In recent times, The New Zealand Maori Council presented a submission regarding the Sale of Assets to Minister Tony Ryall which expresses the action is in violation of The Treaty Of Waitangi principles and the Court Of Appeal decision of 1987 – is the Maori Council being distracted from the truth of the supreme power? The IS, the living, divorced from the fictional entity created at birth registration .

  • Update 2013 The matter finally ended up in the New Zealand Supreme Court where the Law Merchants took control – the result.

Mana Leader Hone Harawira really could have been on the right track to suggest a separate Maori Parliament. Is this possible? – I think it is when one does the research and distinguishes the application of the “law of the land” (Crown/Roman Law) in relation to “law is the land” ( Source, the unjoindered living) one will expose the frailties of any interested parties. Frankly for the Maori to DECODE their sovereignty position is simply by Sovereign Declaration registration at the UCC the Uniform Commercial Code. We know that English Common Law can be tracked from the signing of Magna Carta in 1215 and later re-affirmed and further enforced by Confirmatio Cartarum / Royal Charter of the Forrest in 1297 – effectively no future law change can protect a Sovereign from being brought to justice and no Barons or Peers aka Lawyers and Politicians should be in Parliament or Government and corrupt the INTENT of common law, and especially those that rise from the dead ( are born again ) fiction entity or corps oration created at birth registration. No repeals starting until 1893.

Heres a link to the Imperial Laws Application Act 1988 Section 5 .

In re Lundon and Whitaker Claims Act 1871 (1872) 2 N.Z.C.A. 41 Arney C.J., delivering the judgement of the Court Of Appeal said, at p.49 ‘The Crown is bound both by the Common Law of England and by its own solemn engagements to a full recognition of Native proprietary right’ The Honorable Baragwanath J in The Kraken Of Constitutional Discord speech cites the Magna Carta and Royal Charter of the Forrest / Confirmatio in New Zealand Statutes ( File at foot of this post).

What impact will a Ma-Ori move on Sovereignty have on non-Maori New Zealanders? – Could it actually embrace all New Zealanders? I would suggest very little in a negative sense but a great amount in a positive sense, “fear breeds fear” so what is the fear? Its not culture because there are similarities in base “class structure” and psychological understanding, – is it the interest? If it is the interest all roads, flight paths or sea-lanes lead back to the old world order back in the separate sovereign states in England, USA and Rome or the manipulated Civil/Admiralty Law in the form of statutes that they govern or control as the interested party infiltrating the superior living being but subject to “rebutive” supporting documentation, detailing the twelve presumptions used to enslave, particularly the English speaking Western nations. “True value is the land, the people – priceless”.

Heres an interesting video from a Cree Lawyer in North America to ‘chew’ over.

There is a Hero in you – check out the facial expressions of the young front row audience, more inspiration (inner-spirit) expressed in music from Mariah Carey, That a Hero lies in YOU!

Readings: To follow but a good place to get the correct legalese interpretation of words Bouvier Law Dictionary Law, Civil ,

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