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Human Resonance: The Hummingbird Pyramid by Alex Putney

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Yet another example of superior technology not yet known to pragmatic modern man


New Pyramid Discovery: 2013

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Psuedo Law and Corruption CONtinue to thrive in New Zealand

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Well this week has been full of the usual mind controlling banter from Politicians seeking the power position of the governing mandate in Parliament. The biased right wing minority voters continue to hog the airways and social media forums to help maintain the  John Key National Party drive to put the country into deeper current account debt. Little do they realise that they are likely to bear the brunt of scorn as future generations who develop the concept of shared value will bear witness to the irresponsible value given to the debt laden dollar bill manipulated by inflation and interest rate controls and insist on change to stop environmental degradation. Spiritually, this will manifest to a state of ‘dog eat dog’ tactics to try and feed and live for an ever increasing world population. Manipulating nature with pharmaceuticals or Monsanto seeds will also have dour consequences as more and more disease such as Obesity, Diabetes, Dementia, STD, vaccine and antibiotic immunity is overcome by the oneness or interconnectedness of the law of nature – of God. The insects and in particular the not to visible bacteria will thrive, waiting for the time that the misguided belief in humans that they are at the top of the food chain is factually only a deception created by complacency and a system with inherent failure. The realisation that we are only a ‘very destructive’ part of a unified system of that created by God – by Nature, is what should be taught. Click through to articles with good information and links with supporting discussion by using the Category Menu or Tag Cloud of this Blog.

Our discussion today centers on the activities of the legal system in dealing with the corporate fictional entities that are corporations including The Crown Corporate Sole (Check out any leading Law Publication by NZ Academics for verification) and the Pike River Mining Company compensation payout, just prior to last Christmas, to affected families of the ‘murdered’ miners. That seems harsh but an Royal Commission inquiry into the activities of the Mining Company exposed serious irresponsible management malpractice issues. Peter Whittall the experienced man in charge at the time of the explosion killing twenty nine miners and arguably accepting of full responsibility by being paid accordingly, was charged from the findings of the Royal Commission, however a deal was struck between the parties prior to him facing so-called justice. In typical ‘pseudo law’ fashion the backroom deal was struck thereby nullifying any further action against Whittall and possibly even the NZ Government as the details deepened. I have been into detail previously that there is no Rule Of Law unless there is personal responsibility and accountability. Until that is re-instated corporate entities can carry on raping humanity and what is left of the beauty that was our Planet created by Nature – by God. Are we heading to self destruction? that’s inevitable  unless we wake to our senses and the realism of how stupid, ignorant, dumb and brainwashed we really are. Playing on the primative minds of the youth with alcohol, sex and drugs. For migrants into foreign lands such as Aotearoa/New Zealand, just look back at the environment of disease, slavery, over population environmental destruction from whence we came – what we are doing to New Zealand now through chemicals and fertiliser. We have already raped the land of its ecological value and that of those dwelling as part of it.  Something more valuable that any debt laden dollar bill or money concept can ever buy – in fact as previously mentioned in the Holy Grail article – damn PRICELESS. That is what has been placed upon the beauty that is nature – of God and I am honoured to contribute to that realisation, yet deeply disappointed of the naivety and hope that others awaking will too, before it is too late. Technology suppression must be released to override the deception that is money. No amount of money will save you from what Nature demands – what God demands, you can bank that with a certain guarantee of a return.