Month: May 2012

Facebook launch with a fizz..

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Mainstream media reporting initially highlighted the much awaited public share float of Facebook. Valuing  co-founder Mark Zuckerbergs’ wealth as a result, somewhere in the region of $20 billion. This of course is an astonishing amount but later reports suggest that the company maybe sued by investors for not disclosing a downward trend of income due to more popular use of facebook mobile reported by Reuters. Essentially what is being reported is that because of more smartphone rather than PC usage, less advertising space is possible for Facebook. There is no doubt in my mind that the trend will continue as more and more consumers adopt smartphones as a staple device to access online content. I also see this as something that facebook will find difficult to address given the present business model used. While many business use Facebook to connect with consumers the smartphone provides them with greater capability to be selective as to what content is preferred.


Huge 5″ Screen Android Smartphone and at a great price..

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What a fantastic Smartphone on Android. Huge touchscreen display and all the stuff modern technology allows. Dual simcard where you can use a Telecom and Vodafone number ( One for private and another for Business? ). GPS and Mobile TV, Wifi and BlueTooth – its all available at a great price. Check out the video release from KiwiApple on Youtube. For many smaller retailers or merchants Android tablets provide the alternative to standard eftpos terminals and the ongoing rentals or upgrades charged.

Android Smarts

Banks encouraged to go Global..

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The power of the smart phone or mini-computer is being realised by some mobile-payment conscious innovators.

Swift are calling on Banks to initiate an open Global service api – funny that?  Heres a link to the article at Finextra and the downloadable whitepaper . Problem is the Banks prefer to work with Cards all the time and the unsuspecting consumer and  retailer is expected to follow lead and upgrade. Its a win win for Telco’s and Banks – or is it?. Mini-computers and or smartphones are much more intelligent than using NFC.

What makes SMSGlobalExchange distinctive?

  •  Flexibility – no requirement for any card present related transactioning, the ability to transact in other forms of reward other than the promissory note eg TimeBanks.
  • Even the text formats offline aspect is changing with smartphone use of voice activation technology – text by speaking into the handset microphone, the term is VEXT . An article by Amanda Kooser highlights an application developed on secure password authentication using VEXT technology.  ANZ trialled a product using NFC but it turned out to be a failure in Australia where mobilephone covers were used to house the software. Heres what Apple co-founder Mr Wozniak thinks about the future of computers in a recent television interveiw while in Australia. FairGo gave an insight into creditcard fees also.
  • Text only formats for non-smartphone users

Linking traditional print with digital content..

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A website is a great way for any enterprise to tell the world about what we do. 

   The prospect of generating target consumer’s in combination with traditional print advertising by using QR ( Quick Response) Codes is very real. QR Codes advertised allow interested readers to connect to digital content very quickly after scanning the QR Code the smartphone owner can then access the digital content generated. The spin for mobile smartphone developers is promising. A great article by Daniel Mueller, Demand Media indicates that digital and print advertising can combine very well.  Drop us a mail for further details.

Texting leads the pack..

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Survey results infographic by Rob on “Total Telecom the Editor’s Cut” show that Text and Photo’s are the most used applications by smartphone users – I guess we knew that anyway. The recent acquisition by Facebook of Instagram,  a Photo based application looks to support the survey. Pinterest certainly supports a “photo shot” collaboration and a great video on the stats around them is interesting on .  A great article by Om Malik at Gigaom is a smart read. Business and consumers are now communicating more effectively in a collaborative sense with social media applications as reported by . The smartphone revolution is building tremendous momentum discussed in detail at giving mobile statistics that are impacting small business enterprises . Jason Spero , Head of Mobile Ads (America’s) at Google provides a compelling presentation.


China leading the World

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China the most populated nation on Mother Earth is embracing mobile phones and the spin for developer’s is to engage in collabrative ways to address the demand. With this in mind the rest of the World needs to adopt a similar attitude to stay in touch. Here is some information from Finextra on research by KPMG into mobile payments adoption by China.

The statistics are amazing. More than 1 billion mobilephone subscribers in China and 6 billion plus worldwide. From the figures about 48% use 3G (3rd generation internet) capable handsets in developed countries. For many the basic Text, call and internet access capability of feature phones is sufficient.  Figures posted by indicate that 36.4% of mobilephone sales are smartphones and 63.6% are feature phones (source ) .

A list of mobile phone subscribers in Australia and New Zealand in comparisen with population  indicates that there is more than 100% subscription – maybe many use more than one?. The market growth is around 2.6%. A recent analysis reported by Budde Comm in relation to New Zealand indicates 120% market penetration with Vodafone, Telecom and 2Degrees the major Mobile Network operators.  However with the planned upgrades to internet speed and more smartphone use it is likely that consumers will look to alternative connectivity such as MoiP and VoiP. A New Zealand Government Web Standards report around SMS use and agency initiatives provides a “political” perspective.