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An update from the One Peoples Public Trust

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How the system works explained – the deception of law and commerce. Explained by a trustee.


OPPT + Keshe Foundation = Major Paradigm Shift

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While this is extremely interesting I feel we need to tread very carefully or methodically to avoid any confusion. Both OPPT and Keshe do provide a different world there is no harm or rush for everyone to embrace these without thorough investigation and thought.

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Choose, Servitude or Freedom

Yes, it is a choice. All of the screaming and yelling for people to “WAKE UP!” is over. All of the bitching about what has been wrong is over. All that is left is the inertia of the past being brought into the present. The proverbial chicken with its head cut off.

The means and tools for liberation and self-determination have been placed before us and exist in this space and time right now. No speculation or negativity can alter that reality. Change is upon us and it is real. We all have a choice to step into that present reality and create a future from this place of power or we can remain cowardly in the status quo, which will just deteriorate around us and become more and more dysfunctional and painful. All things living want to continue. The old paradigm will continue, for a…

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Has New Zealand investigated the work of Keshe Foundation.. watch out for the elites and controllers

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My earlier post regarding the suppression of amazing technology ( Banks service debt..)  and attempts to activate a New Zealand delegation to investigate the science wanting to be shared by the Keshe Foundation may have finally become a reality. There will no doubt be attempts to thwart the public access to this world changing technology as the money/illegal law system of control continues to shackle humanity and destiny. New Zealand Minister of Science and Technology Stephen Joyce was recently accompanied by a delegation to Brussels ( and probably the Hague and more likely a legal delegation) on a EU technology and innovation summit. I have sent an email to both Keshe Foundation and the office of Stephen Joyce to confirm if the visit to Keshe did take place.

  • UPDATE 16/7/13 Response from office of Stephen Joyce

On behalf of Hon Steven Joyce thank you for your enquiry.

I can advise that the Minister did not visit the Keshe Foundation on his recent visit to Europe.



Kathleen Lambert  |  Senior Private Secretary

Office of Hon Steven Joyce  |  Minister for Economic Development, Minister of Science and Innovation, Minister for Tertiary Education, Skills and Employment, Associate Minister of Finance

Well there is the official response and who knows what they were really doing over there. If its something of little benefit or sinister to ALL New Zealanders then it will only rebound back to slap someone in the face in the future.

Meantime it looks as though Poland has grasped the technology well according to Keshe and this is the power of cooperative learning rather than self-centred and system controlled mentality. “The most beautiful reactor I have seen up until now by a Polish Scientist” says MT Keshe. The expression within each and every BEing has the enormous potential beyond our wildest imagination – united. The answers are simple, within nature, right in front of us, as long as we begin to ask and be critical of so called “man-made science and knowledge”, deception by seperation. That said, it may require a pragmatic approach to learn a little more of what is an infinity of knowledge to be learned. Congrats to Poland.

Arc of the Covenant may be found..the Truth is hidden from humanity

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What a fantastic video from  Graham Hancock. As above so below, a mirror of the skies on earth. The pyramids and the Orion belt. A hidden civilisation or culture, destroyed by flooding, and catastrophe. Could it be the last golden age as explained by Santos Bonacci in my Holy Grail article. Engineering and technology, no doubt we are still yet to learn because of misguided belief or teachings.  As we enter into the age of Aquarius and spend a few more thousand years building up to the age of Leo. The pinnacle of human development, the age of Leo, only to be crushed as we descend again into an age of negativity or shear survival. With this knowledge, if we learn about this in time, who knows what can be achieved? A mass transportation to another planet or World?? Is this the destiny of our descendants??  The megalithic structures that surround our planet, many of which are yet undiscovered under water or ice. What seems to be resonating with me is the binary orbit with our Suns sister star Sirius – the other orbiting celestial body referred by the Ancients. As explained by Santos Bonacci as we get closer to Sirius, in theory, our knowledge or enlightenment develops, could it also be a time of re-birth, destruction beyond our control as the forces of Sirius descend upon us and as we separate again we experience a long period of almost amnesia? Its fascinating stuff.

The procession of the equinoxes explained by Graham Hancock.  A another article and links here.. .The message is that humans play an important part in enlightenment and that we should try and decipher the knowledge that is either hidden, suppressed or simply misunderstood and learn before we inevitably implode or are destroyed as mentioned above when Sirius comes closest, assuming that theory. Amazing stuff.

What is basically understandable, but jumbled into distraction with seemingless equations, effectively doing a full circle and coming up with the same answers when the faults are realised is again expressed by Johan Oldenkamp. Sacred geometry in living things, again and again.