Fluoride Use in New Zealand

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Fluoride use in New Zealand has been publicised by advocates as essential in the fight against tooth decay. However, we all know that the real problem is sugar consumption e.g. sweets. The use of Fluoride is also used to subsidise the fertiliser industry in New Zealand as it is a by-product of that process. Essentially made up of SODIUM FLUORIDE  and not CALCIUM FLUORIDE it is highly toxic and is the main substance in 1080 poison.  The advocates for fluoride poisoning in our water supplies dum this fact down by saying ‘ oh but we only use 7 parts per million’. Question is how is it measured when dumping a truckload into the holding dams and how is it monitored. A,  ‘oh she’ll be right’ ?? Forced medication is not a reflection of free will and according to the article linked here.. presented by Dr Paul Connett. In fact many nations are without fluoridation as it is detrimental to good health, especially where it occurs in adequate levels naturally. Heres a link to the Hamilton City uprising.  You can of course check in with the Thunder and Light Team who have developed technology to purify water contamination by clicking on the Advanced Technology Advertisement in the sidebar of this Blog. Again the masses are ignorant and informed consent is questionable. The research is compelling that there is something more sinister behind the use of Fluoride on the masses and the easily controlled by corporate greed merchants. The health ramifications are more dour than people realise and the local GP (General Practitioner or Doctor) is not that well trained in the health effects of fluoridated water supplies .


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