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Religion in New Zealand

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Well there has been a whirlwind of activity since I last published an article.

The National Party capitalists almost had a complete majority after the elections here in New Zealand as predicated in my last post. The so called socialist Labour Party movement is torn between a capitalist and socialist ideal, much of the old vote now being shared with the Green and NZ First Parties, essentially nullifying a true left wing political view or unified opposition. A balance is what Nature tries to resolve and perhaps this can be achieved in the political sphere, but, only when corruption is nullified. This ideal was expressed in an earlier post relating to a Newspaper article on the Cairo Forces Government during wartime 1943/44. There are many who have tried to initiate change for the better, but, the time has not been right. Now, however, is the time according to Santos Bonacci.

Today, I really wanted to focus on Religion, after revisiting the teachings of Holy Science presented by Santos Bonacci. Santos is blessed with an uncanny understanding of Latin, English, Greek and other languages which enable him to decipher alot of the code that is within the Bible, Torah and Qu’ran just to name a few of those prominent publications. He is also driven by the desire to find truth through dedication and research. Here is a link to his Website the Universal Truth School and his Youtube Channel Mr Astrotheology. I strongly suggest you delve into as many of his youtube videos and teachings that time allows you can. The Magnus Opus parts one and two are just sensational.

Essentially he exposes the truth about what people are sensing increasingly, as more and more information comes to light through technology and reasoning. He defines all religions, from Christianity to Hinduism, essentially some thirty thousand or so as a manipulation of essentially one – Holy Science – the truth. Syncretism and the Atom videos explain exactly what the true meanings contained in these great publications really mean. If you are ready, they will resonate with you. Then you apply this knowledge to what has and is being discovered about lost or ancient civilisation to then understand that this knowledge has been violated so badly. You should now have the reasoning for so much confusion, caused by a misunderstanding of the truth, and the problems faced by humanity as many live in ignorance of the truth. Fear, is something that should be confronted and not treated as a dilemma to be avoided. Its all in the mind.

I earlier talked about Santos in a previous posting and on revisiting his work again I am of greater understanding that he is undoubtedly onto the right research to uncover that which has corrupted the mind of humankind. The money system is a tool that can either divide or unite. In the Western world it is essentially divide whereas in the East it is essentially unite. As these forces intermingle through globalization there may well be a transformation that may herald the dawn of a great period on earth, as the confused awaken to truth.

Leaving the politicians like John Key and stalwarts to decide and rule is like leaving the cats amongst the pigeons. Without responsibility and accountability in the true sense of those words – devoid of the Golden Rule of Law – will be fraught with danger and I only hope that the collective consciousness of good will, of building knowledge and awareness will prevail and bring us all back to the heaven that resides in you.

An update to earlier articles, is the recently reported DNA profile of King Richard III. Seems as though the earlier illegitimacy claims made by Tony Robinson in his report on just who is the true heir to the English throne – living in Jerillderee in Australia can be proven from DNA. As explained by Santos, there is a strong GERManic black nobility influence that controls the world of commerce, but, only as long as the people remain ignorant because of fear (perhaps of other Humans) or devoid of true knowledge.

The Black Nobility – in essence a band of families devoid of any sense of mutual wellbeing and advanced civilisation represent the Black Nobility. That said, they would argue that man is simply not ready for advanced technology and must be controlled in a trickle down release of the truth expressed in the work of Santos Bonacci. Fear is their greatest enemy and the people remain in distractive misdirection so as for the nobility to maintain control of that fear. When the people awaken from the deception, that fear will be realised. Here is a great video detailing the events leading up to the state of the nobility today and the agenda of how they protect themselves from the minority truth seekers and the angry multitude yet to awaken. We may find that as commerce nears Zero, through forces of nature the multitude will be ready to learn the truth.


Pope Arrested, The Son of Man Returning Signals Heaven?

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The latest article from Benjamin Fulford advises that Pope Benedict or Ratzinger (could he be the black and last pope because some truthers have written he is a Nazi or even the Anti-Christ? Peter The Roman is another to be prophesied by St. Malachy as the Black and last Pope) (Update 20/3/13 Ben Fulford in his latest post tells us the “argentine based” successor to Benedict is Peter by birth which was in Rome – wow the prophecy seems to be spot on to that extent) is under arrest warrant for crimes against humanity ( the reason for his early resignation)and reclamation issued lawfully by The International Tribunal For Crimes By Church and State along with commercial liens over Roman Catholic Church property issued out of The Hague in Brussels. If you have some knowledge of The Holy scriptures and understand from earlier articles (specifically exposure of the Holy Grail) what the words really mean The Sun or Christ figure in each of us (I am with you always) returning nursed by nature spawning a higher consciousness awakening and the living are rising (he/you will rise from the dead) from the dead corporate fiction created by birth registration process. The Federal Reserve ( the devil will rule until my return as even Satan is at the mercy of the devine)banking system whose charter ended after 99 years in December 2012 (the so called fiscal cliff debacle in USA) is also under heavy attack as the renminbi and plenty of it (update: The One Peoples Public Trust has laid claim to value everyone at 500 million each) for all is set to take over as the main form of Global unit of exchange from the US/Pound, led by a 180 nation Global Alliance including China. Heaven (our connection with the cosmos from where we originate – the truth in prophecy passed down and expressed in the ancient monumental grid circling the Globe ie The Great Pyramids of Eqypt, Stonehenge etc etc maybe closer than many think? (those among you who think are first will be last and those that think they are last will be first) those who refuse to awaken or heaven (control) is, especially the Promissory Note Bills of comfort and ignorance and those that can and are awakening from the dead fiction and into the horror of reality, born out of knowing the truth.

Pope Benedictus XVI
Pope Benedictus XVI (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Holy Grail exposed and the money code cracked..

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We have been deceptively educated to live in an unconscious state. I hope this research helps you to awaken from the dead fiction entity created. We are out of sync with nature and divinity or more accurately a lack of understanding that for all the so-called positive things we do will have a negative effect on someone else. That is what it is all about. We are acting out our experiences in life between positive and negative polarity, the trick is to try and balance these forces to maximum effect in a unified manner – but that cannot be achieved by suppression of true knowledge.
Ignorance of all things we interact with (an expression of a guilty subconscious) breeds our great enemy FEAR, it deprives us of the sacred balance with nature, the wisdom and the truth. If you don’t believe me consider this article. The evidence has been hidden behind a game of hide and seek.

THE SECRET VEIL (EVIL) LIFTED by Santos Bonacci, Danny Wilten and Carl Munck

Banks and the Promissory Note system is nothing more than a tool for manipulation of the truth. An extension or pickup from of the old Roman Empire system of divide and rule in disguise, controlled by the rise of the Roman Catholic Church after the Empire fell (or hid ) from (the rebellion) grace through the now Vatican, the Pope and the Papal Bulls. Sure we have an academic translation to do with money exchange convenience, but, when they met at Bretton Woods did they foresee any corruption by the private (difficult to audit) IMF, short for International Monetary Fund. Why very little accountability? Its as if this IMF outfit got in with some hefty conditions to ‘strangle’ participating nations without ‘killing’ them. A kind of slow death. However, with the united power of the Internet, exposure of the Truth and the Holy Grail reveals that the Holy Science looks to have been corrupted by the Vatican and especially scandalistic Banker partner families to maintain the old world order of control and suppress full consciousness – don’t condemn these “revealing” statements without further investigation into the research of this article. Who knows, maybe they didn’t realise it would get so big and nasty? Is the holy church under secret satanic control? Has it been done to nurture humanity? The negative forces of nature are expressed, we get snippets on mainstream TV every now and then in the form of staged war, malnutrition, division, superstition, fear, arrogance derived from ignorance. Many of us are using a half brain conscious mind mentality of fear – do you really know the answers? I think we have the tools to put the puzzles together to get to the root of all our problems as the dawn of another great cycle approaches or at least some of us “heretics” will be anyway. I can just imagine how difficult it was for the “truthers” even the Pagans, Quakers or Amish condemned to the sword for “distracting” the mind controlled populous faith and corrupted religion. The awakening of the higher consciousness in many signals that the game plan and fiction is being exposed and that after many centuries (and our position in the cosmos) an upgrade to the next level of consciousness awaits mankind at the next southern Summer Solstice. Check out how many symbols taught to us as being evil ( great way to hide the truth aye – spell evil backwards and we get the word LIVE) are in actual fact good, how paintings and drawings mean much more than what we have been able to comprehend or are taught until now ( eg the famous last supper painting by DaVinci is decoded as a painting depicting the 12 signs of the Zodiac (12 tribes of Israel or should it be Egypt?) with the centre V shape representing the Orion Nebulae –The Holy Grail? looks to be getting very close looking at the research) .Hold on a minute (pri)mate there are 13 people at this table? So is there 13 Zodiac signs that should form a Enoch calendar or a Sabbatical year – certainly makes sense – of course click here to check it out.. Serpentarius or Ophiuchus representing the “medicine”, or the Serpent Holder the symbol we associate with medicine. That changes my Zodiac sign from Gemini to Taurus or probably more accurately both and seems to fit better with me on reflection. Ever wondered why you don’t match your Zodiac sign? How we have these “odd” leap years etc instead of an honest 28 days over thirteen months, a forgotten sabbatical calendar every year? More tools for manipulation, mind control or half brain operation. Of course it is. Its pretty obvious to me that this so-called “unlucky for some” number 13 entity represents something special – something hidden from us – the Jesus entity – is it yourself, the christ within – the subconscious part? Is this the area so well manipulated that we need to reignite fully to discover who we really are. It is just to coincidental to be ignored. Great knowledge abused from the Ancients like Egypt and Greece by ignorant warfare and the Roman Empire and hidden now by the Vatican? and yet can be seen if you know what you are really looking at eg the “pinecone” staff used by the Pope is a symbol of the human pineal gland the third eye too – wisdom?

How the written word can easily and has been manipulated as part of the control (eg The Bible is a prime example explains Santos Bonacci – its origins indicate Egypt as well ) Check out the videos below as I think you will find them way more interesting than any TV program you have ever seen arousing some curiosity. Santos Bonacci an ex devout Jehovah Witness, Aussie with Italian parents provides a compelling argument and evidence that busts the fictions that are Religion, Science and archaic Crown / Roman Law to evidence the truth hidden behind this collective veil. Who we are, a journey of learning in cycles and answers to the big questions revealed. How the Vatican, the ruthless Banker partners and the Military have been hiding behind “the veil (notice the letters used)” for centuries to deceive us all or to “teach(cheat – same letters)” us all about negative and positive polarity? Heck at this rate of word manipulation especially the English/latin mix, Bad might really mean Good and vice versa. For those of us caught up in the inherent dependency or control tool so-called money we are confined to the lower levels of consciousness and seperation control and a general disrespect of each other and our planet. Can we beat nature? Not on your nelly (pri)mate! Why? because nature vibrates at a higher level of consciousness and demands balance not unconsciousness and balance manipulation. We can learn to work with nature however that means a radical change in mentality or realisation of the truth – the concept of manipulated control mastered or frankly blasted and superior suppressed technology released. A higher sense of consciousness. We are dumbed down by money driven distractions, manipulation and have little time to really sit back and think about the overall negative aspects that are the result of that neglect and complacency. The cause and effect. We have the potential to open the mind fully now that we can decipher and really embrace the Holy Grail of our being. As a NZer I can frankly liken the “unconsciousness” to herding a flock of sheep. I strongly suggest you listen into what Santos Bonacci explains, do your own research and make a conscious decision on his findings. He explains that the Bible is not what Religion has cleverly taught everyone as the truth has been manipulated or as Danny Wilten explains important bits have been omitted. The Bible is holy but in its present King James ESP. format it is actually a corruption of the Holy Science developed by the Ancients many many thousands of years ago. Our hidden knowledge and connection to the higher consciousness revealed. How do we explain those geometric revelations created in a flash we see in crop circles – no mere physical mortal can do this as precisely and within minutes. A mortal can spend months trying and still not get the precision right.

Click on the following links (in blue) and connect to really really smart guys like Danny Wilten and his amazing revelations on Youtube of our cosmic connections with the Orion constellation expressed in the positioning of the great pyramids of Egypt as well as Carl Munck who gives us the math and code built into all those fantastic monuments we have no real knowledge of, such as the great Pyramids of Egypt and Stone Henge. Crikey even these connect to those in North and South America, probably China and all the way down to the Easter Islands in the Pacific – literally thousands of sites connected worldwide in a perfect global grid pattern harnessed by Ancient cultures during the last golden age cycle . Civilisations is the wrong word as to me that is commerce. Checkout a great New Zealand resource www.celticnz.co.nz . The proof that superior knowledge (the truth) way beyond our present level of “unconsciousness” in comparison was used thousands of years ago, as well as many other interesting presentations. Why can’t we fully understand these sites? Could it be the age or zodiac sign we have been in? We are intimately connected to our own solar system planets , the signs of the Zodiac and in particular the Orion Nebulae expressed in the positioning of the great Pyramids of Egypt its impressive take a look.

Around 1666 Black Plaque time ( or was it the great fire of London?) a C’est Que Vie Act ( on Scribd ) was passed in Britain effectively declaring everyone dead and lost at sea unless reclaimed within seven years, otherwise salvageable by Pirates. Those Pirates are our so-called ruler’s today as we are declared dead when registered at birth after coming down the berth canal (unbeknown to our parents) and salvaged by the Government and controlled by presumptions and legalese thereafter.

The Strawman Illusion was born:


If you want to check out more about the manipulation of written English/Latin words used in the New Zealand legal system or the meaning of Freeman ( The Kraken of constitutional discord)I referred to in my earlier post about the material world nursed by the banking system, Magna Carta, asset sales etc the truth is revealed by Bill Turner who is available to give a lecture on his findings by appointment.

How do we live without the Promissory Note or Bankers and money? A very popular series of light reading non-fiction books called The Ringing Cedars Of Russia in Free PDF download format can be found here. A true account of “man” protected and living in isolation from the “mind control”. They share the secrets to harness and master negative and positive energy and the higher consciousness of the Ancients so as to live(a long time) with the knowledge denied to most of humanity over the last two thousand years in the house of Pieces.

A great project for the materialistic/futuristic types is the Venus Project www.thevenusproject.com. We are on the cusp of entering into the age of Aquarius according to Santos – signalled by the end date of the Mayan Calendar being a Galactic alignment and raising of higher consciousness. Set to officially start 21 December 2012 – the northern hemisphere winter solstice and last entry record on the ancient Mayan Calendar, so we are told.- It will be a rough ride for the “unconscious” , confused ( the ruling elites?) pushing for War by depressing the money dependant in Europe and stirring up the middle east ( the usual playground ) or those that just exude negative energy toward others, so hang on to your “hats”. A new ten thousand year golden age is dawning and will start with “the awakening of the “Kracken”!and changes in the old world order.

Can we really make our dreams come true? Do we dare to express something holy in Art, Music from the heart and soul. Where did this “sub-conscious inspiration” come from? – “the true consciousness” ? The evidence above suggests that it does and is. Ever wondered why children say the darndest things or look at you in a puzzled manner? Is there any moment more sincere than when you look into a babies eyes with love and you both smile – not many as pure aye. A great audio series of knowledge and the truth, our roots and the ignorance that “enslaves” true wisdom. Can we restore sacred balance? .You will know the answers from within when you allow it to be so, you only need to realise that we are out of sync ask the opposite of something to recognise a balance is needed, in my opinion this is the answer – a balanced as opposed to an ignorant view,recall something from your childhood and compare it to what you have been taught to find the truth – the truth is hiding behind your ignorance and fear. When we awaken to higher consciousness, accept the truth,the doors of universal knowledge and peace will open – ours to experience. Divided into our groups of lower consciousness, by misleading and dishonest belief, we will continue on the long road of divide, argument and rule leading to more cycles of devastation and slow rule. Or is this our destiny – our greatest ever challenge on the rise? A burst of true inspiration in music, the return of the Messiah – The Sun of the God in you, enjoy The 5th Dimension “Let The Sun Shine In”  – The Age Of Aquarius dawning – peace be with you.

Banks, the link to Egyptian history, how they work and the future..

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What a story but most historians indicate that the basic modern Banking principles with debt by interest were established in the Western World bubble not so long ago during the time of the crusades by an order of the Knights Templar with blessing and support from French royalty. Assumed to have looted the Temple of King King Solomon possibly even the so-called holy grail ( check out the movie The Da Vinci Code starring Tom Hanks) after driving out the Palestinians. I think the Holy Grail information was actually an abuse of knowledge from Ancient Egypt. Prior to this 11th century invasion trading routes were well established eg Silk and Ceramics were traded for true money Gold and Silver. The brave Knights were eventually disbanded ironically by the King Of France under the auspices of His Holyness The Pope – or at least that is the story. The Knights Templar were rumoured to have accumulated vast wealth due in part by offering security to Christian pilgrims visiting the holy lands in the form of “holding or banking” gold and silver for paper security bonds. Many English historians believe that during this “middle east” occupation they also learned the vast universal knowledge of the Middle/East and probably in fact ancient Egypt (apart from Amenhotep IV or Akhenaten, father by DNA analysis of King Tutankhamen who briefly established a one god connection through him to the Atun or a self centred mentality, expanded later or taken up commonly expressed as religion and so called civilised society we know today as the western world) with its “many gods” or universal mentality as opposed to the philosophy of only one God apparently derived from ancient Sumerian text or the commandment tablets said to reside in the Ark Of The Covenant which all derive from ancient Egypt. Therein lies the root of established religion and polities that controls the western world today. There are many discussions online regarding the origins of christianity and there is plenty of evidence to suggest that much manipulation to maintain some sort of mind control of the masses ( in acknowledged difficult times) has and is at work. Therein also lies the “excuse” of the Roman Empire fall from glory and eventual demise as “ancient Egyptian philosophy” being discussed within the secret societies of the Knights Templar was practically an act of treason in the mind control philosophy and teachings of his grace The Pope to the populace or the Amenhotep IV philosophy?

Do we really need a system of interest laden promissory notes and its inherent perceived controlling properties or is there more knowledge held in secret or clouded by misconception to be embraced to release technology that is sustainable or can reverse the current trend. God’s Law. Night and Day, Black and White, Good and Bad, East and West etc. What seems so straight forward is most mis-understood and ill-concieved. Fear from ignorance. It is all a huge deception embracing seperatisation and shackling humanity from universal ‘cosmos’ collaboration.

” To think that no other intelligent life exists in the billions upon billions of stars and other galaxies is ludicrous. Humanity needs to make intelligent decisions not those derivedfrom fear.”

Vinny Eastwood in New Zealand raises many interesting topics that are not reported by the corporate controlled mainstream media groups or the ignorant.

Alternative economic models are gaining popularity worldwide and here in New Zealand The New Economics Party is pressing for changes. TimeBanks NZ is developing an understanding that contributes to community and humanity in a sustainable way, as a start.

A brilliant project gaining strong support from enlightened people who tackle the root problems of modern society with harmonious development projects and advanced concepts that can really make a positive impact for mankind is the Venus Project. http://www.thevenusproject.com/. Essentially they are saying that there is no need to borrow all the time from Central ‘printing press’ Banks with added interest, frankly no money or even that nations can develop there own currency and economy interest free. Our project SMSGlobalExchange addresses a unification of the self centred and universal centred mindset and a true Global application completely transparent and owned by Users.

Back to the core topic. Essentially the crippling modern principles in use has reshaped our lives, our psychological awareness and generally speaking it comes at a very high cost – or so it seems anyway as there is a clear distinction from being so-called wealthy and desperately poor and the impact on Worldwide environments, health and more.

The use of paper money through the modern Banking system has no doubt been corrupted as spirited individuals and communities have been granted a license to borrow at interest and to the detriment of other communities that are reflective of their unique environment and societal structure. This has driven many to be innovative, spurring an insatiable demand by the populace and ultimately benefit only the Bankers.

Heres a Youtube video that explains the Fractional Reserve Lending matrix of central banks – history, now and in the future. Go into about 52.20 minutes to get an explanation from prominent American businessman Mr Foster Gamble who kindly shares some ancient secrets as well.