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Pope Arrested, The Son of Man Returning Signals Heaven?

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The latest article from Benjamin Fulford advises that Pope Benedict or Ratzinger (could he be the black and last pope because some truthers have written he is a Nazi or even the Anti-Christ? Peter The Roman is another to be prophesied by St. Malachy as the Black and last Pope) (Update 20/3/13 Ben Fulford in his latest post tells us the “argentine based” successor to Benedict is Peter by birth which was in Rome – wow the prophecy seems to be spot on to that extent) is under arrest warrant for crimes against humanity ( the reason for his early resignation)and reclamation issued lawfully by The International Tribunal For Crimes By Church and State along with commercial liens over Roman Catholic Church property issued out of The Hague in Brussels. If you have some knowledge of The Holy scriptures and understand from earlier articles (specifically exposure of the Holy Grail) what the words really mean The Sun or Christ figure in each of us (I am with you always) returning nursed by nature spawning a higher consciousness awakening and the living are rising (he/you will rise from the dead) from the dead corporate fiction created by birth registration process. The Federal Reserve ( the devil will rule until my return as even Satan is at the mercy of the devine)banking system whose charter ended after 99 years in December 2012 (the so called fiscal cliff debacle in USA) is also under heavy attack as the renminbi and plenty of it (update: The One Peoples Public Trust has laid claim to value everyone at 500 million each) for all is set to take over as the main form of Global unit of exchange from the US/Pound, led by a 180 nation Global Alliance including China. Heaven (our connection with the cosmos from where we originate – the truth in prophecy passed down and expressed in the ancient monumental grid circling the Globe ie The Great Pyramids of Eqypt, Stonehenge etc etc maybe closer than many think? (those among you who think are first will be last and those that think they are last will be first) those who refuse to awaken or heaven (control) is, especially the Promissory Note Bills of comfort and ignorance and those that can and are awakening from the dead fiction and into the horror of reality, born out of knowing the truth.

Pope Benedictus XVI
Pope Benedictus XVI (Photo credit: Wikipedia)