Technology to change everything?

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The Vinny Eastwood show recently interviewed Thunder and Brad from the thunder and light team with technology aligned with the work of Dr Fred Bell. . The technology is capable of minimising pollution from motor vehicle emissions and clensing water for perfect health. If you have time the interview reviews significant parts of what has been discussed in detail throughout this Blog. Apparently outside any price by corporations and yet easily accessible by mobile device. The changes could be rapid as a result. Certainly the New Zealand Government could well be forced to investigate this technology by a united population,  as well as that ‘ignited’ by the Keshe Foundation – the subject of previous articles. “Evolve or die” or wakeup is the clear message from all.

For further background discussion including some information regarding the fossil free technology from Keshe Foundation and Nicoli Tesla click here..


Huge 5″ Screen Android Smartphone and at a great price..

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What a fantastic Smartphone on Android. Huge touchscreen display and all the stuff modern technology allows. Dual simcard where you can use a Telecom and Vodafone number ( One for private and another for Business? ). GPS and Mobile TV, Wifi and BlueTooth – its all available at a great price. Check out the video release from KiwiApple on Youtube. For many smaller retailers or merchants Android tablets provide the alternative to standard eftpos terminals and the ongoing rentals or upgrades charged.

Android Smarts

Card Scimming on the rise yet again

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Today yet another report that consumers using debit and creditcards at ATM’s are still being scammed. This is a continuation of an incident reported two weeks ago where as much as $1 million had been scammed from ANZ customers. This is more common than reported, one underlying problem is that Bank account details are stored on cards or Bank mobile apps providing a directlink to them.  The scam indicates that either a camera device or cardreader is being used at ATM’s or in fact anywhere a swipecard can be used. However it may be a case that in fact the Bank security systems are not robust enough or are capable of addressing the multi-million dollar theft problem.  Paybuytext EWallet application offer another tier of security by trading value in “virtual credits” , online and mobile payments that provide real-time receipting to cellphones for all transactions including any attempted “unauthorised usage.” TVNZ reported the incident involving ANZ customers and is reporting the recent scams at the moment. The statements reported by Mr Bill Farmer of Mako Networks seem to be directed at Merchants or online transactioning however most reported card scamming is done through ATM’s or in card swipe readers. This is certainly the highest incidence reported. Creditcard fraud online is rare as such because of the high security requirements and advanced technology used. Usually creditcard holders are “tricked” or “duped” into buying something only to find out later it is not what they thought it was or simply is not delivered. It is understood that four persons have been charged with the debitcard scams.