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Religion and Bible Truth Unveiled

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I am a follower of Vinny Eastwood on Twitter. He has some amazing guests at times and I was pleasantly surprised to get a tweet about his recent interview with Academic and prolific author Ralph Ellis. While we are brought up with some experience with religious teachings in one form or another it is clear to me that essentially these are mind manipulation exploitation of reality and truth to control the masses when in reality which each make choices and freewill. The real God is within you and if those choices are considerate chances are you can go to the grave with a clear conscience.  With the changes in our own environment threatening our future and that of all living things clearly some balance needs to be restored. People have got to realise that there is no place for greed which needs to be controlled. Despite the mind manipulation that money and profit will drive change new technology suggests that the answers are simple, have been hidden and mankind itself has been so badly misguided by greed and fear that we are literally destroying our own existence.  The desperate search for another planet by leading Scientists suggests there is real concern for the future due to the imbalance derived from the ongoing pillage and plunder of the worlds natural beauty and amazing creatures. Millions of years in the making, smashed in 2000 years. We earlier posted a connection with Egyptian connections to Bible dictum and the startling revelations in the  Who is God post. Santos Bonacci is one to follow regarding the Zodiac connection in Bible dictum. Actually as Santos explains humanity is beginning to think real not fiction anymore as our innate instincts drive for change and a halt to the pillage and plunder impacting our beautiful world over the last two thousand years. Back to the headline: Heres the interview by Vinny Eastwood with Ralph Ellis and the actual historical record of the manipulated Bible stories and the various characters such as Jesus, King Solomon, Moses and others. Judaism, Mohammed and the true Israelites or the Haksos of Egypt.


Unlock the secrets…

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Wow,“take me through the cosmos”, the lyrics are just awesome from Carl Doy and the passion and energy from special New Zealand Artist the beautiful Tina Cross is simply magical in this tribute to Sir Howard Morrison. Today more or less is of course the Summer Solstice down under and the Winter Solstice up north or the longest, shortest day respectively .

I know this combination takes me to another space and time. Is it all dreams and imagination – everyone at peace and in good health?? Not when you know the truth. Take a look and listen.

Thats really where the answers lie – through the eyes, especially the Pineal. Ah.. the all seeing eye, but that’s a symbol isn’t it? That said, it is shaping up to be a confused 2015.

Here is a link to a great read on natural remedies, to set you up for good health 2015 and beyond..We know that free energy is well underway and more recently a compound to reverse ageing is being explored. We know from experience ( or at least most of us do..) is expect the unexpected when you tamper with God’s Law – the Law of Nature. Perfected over billions of years and literally shattered in an instant by thoughtless ( capitalistic driven) idiocy or plain dumb. In New Zealand we have shattered or frankly traded our magnificent biodiversity and unique ecosystems and wildlife in many parts of the landscape for the big dollar – greed and pork, mutton, beef and dairy. Its all coming back to haunt us as the destruction continues and time passes by. Nature will balance things one way or another you can bank on that. Who is God article link here….

Already we have seen two blood moons in 2014. There will be two more of this elk in 2015 (4 April, 28 Sept). These events have astronomical significance and by connection significance for humanity. What will the secret shadow controllers impose on humanity in the coming months.  War? economic meltdown? to revive a dying economic system? Well we see these signs in the Middle East, Europe, Russia. Who is really behind this stuff – the C.I.A – probably. Are we going to be taken as fools by deception again and again? Will there be extraterrestrial contact and disclosure?

Music can ease your worries and woes. Sound is everything according to Ubuntu Founder Michael Tellinger. An old NZer exposes how to boil water instantly with vibration and sound within the video, almost instantly it seems. The ruins of Africa tell the story of how we should connect with the Universe when ready. While we are in the state of division in one form or another because of a lack of knowledge, ready we are not.  Ancient Knowledge revisited.

You will of course resonate with this if you have been studying the work of Santos Bonacci in recent posts.

The Ubuntu Movement website can be found here..

God’s Law – the Emerald Tablets of Thoth?

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My previous post alluded to the evidence that harmony with Nature is the supreme law above all else. That proposition is maintained, however, objectively there is no harm in my senses having picked up on another area of discussion and seemingly more and more evidence that if Humanity can achieve that harmonious co-existence with nature, greater understanding will eventuate. Given all of the distractions keeping us glued to the trash on television, the murderous barbaric acts of War mongers, corrupt Bankers and other forms of media abuse, the journey is going to be difficult. Humanity is constantly being abused and confused, used as pawns in a game of Chess or ‘fun money’ in Monopoly, depending on your preference.

So previous articles have covered the money system and its corruption, Religion that has been abused by ‘interpretations’ of great writings wrongfully (deliberately?) used. The Bible is an analogy of the great cycles of time, the great procession of the equinoxes used as a tool for control of the descendants of the ‘hairy barbarian’ . Huh, hairy barbarian – ok what is this referencing? Well I have strangely since discovered  information regarding the Emerald Tablets of Toth. I’ve read articles available and they cover religion, kaballah etc and listened to audio and there seems to be an argument that spiritualism and Aliens may have something in common. Included in this posting is a interesting series of videos on the hypothesis from a Bill Donaghue regarding the emerald tablets that support that his Alien theory (In videos) and certainly provides evidence that Atlantis (In the sky?) really did exist. There are of course graphic evidence online that Pyramids are located in the Bermuda Triangle underwater. From Atlantis came all knowledge that we now know and are yet still to learn, written (According to translation) in the indestructible Emerald Tablets. Passed down to humanity, supposedly hidden beneath the Temple of the Sun of the Maya. My only concern with this information is the translations, the fact that Donaghue is from Newick, why the Temple of the Sun instead of the ‘ravaged’ remains of the great Pyramid at Giza? safety?  however, it is enough to learn that our ‘education’ appears to have started some 36 thousand years ago, contrary to ‘popular’ belief. We seemed to be ‘blessed’ with more and more information each day. I do actually recall listening to an audio by Carl Munck (Holy Grail article) where he mentioned being visited by Aliens and that as far as he was concerned the Ancient monuments worldwide, the global grid and the inter-relationship with the great pyramid of Giza were geometrically aligned with the cosmos deliberately (ah the oneness!!) and the work of highly advanced technology, unmatched by the descendants of the ‘hairy barbarian’ – or in his words “the work of Aliens”. So the simplest message for me is that we need to change our barbaric tendencies, learn from the past and get rid of corruption. That said , understandably many are brainwashed and the underprivileged are denied. Humanity needs to be open minded and in reality we need to ignite the vast area of the brain not fully utilised, from which we will get the answers. One answer is undeniable – unison with all things in nature is paramount. If you are not into a lengthy video lecture here is a link to an interesting article. Strangely it refers to three significant entities including of note Amenhotep IV. This then means a strange connection, food for thought? More information article for reading click here. Interesting correlation in names – hmm.

In NZ we have the evidence of in support of astronomically aligned works by advanced teachings which essentially is worldwide and seems in support of the proposition by Donaghue. As for the Emerald Tablet(s) it seems unclear as to the authenticity of the current location for further public scrutiny. You can pay through a website promoted with the teachings of a Dr Doreal for in-depth learning and meaning supposedly.

Who is GOD?

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Again another fantastic movement against environmental degradation and food contamination. This time here in New Zealand. We as New Zealanders tend to take our environment for granted however some of us old enough to remember swimming where we wanted too and drinking from the same source are beginning to realize that the inherent beauty of our temperate climate is changing more rapidly than we realise.  Permaculture in New Zealand is alive and well except there is some valuable work in need of support, please follow this link. Our environment is severely impacted by following the regulations that we are legally obliged – different to the law of nature –  to do in the form of the zero sum game known as mercantilism. We should all know that the scientific community are supposedly trained to improve living standards including genetic engineering of food but that this is strictly controlled under the money regime and cannot possibly replace what has already been perfected by GOD and that GOD is nature. So how does one deduce nature is GOD? Well this is a subject of much misunderstanding or mind manipulation or as our Alien neighbours have indicated – “beware of the deception”  as stated in the following video and I say that if nature is not GOD then whoever GOD is there is little evidence in support or in true facts by comparison.

Some of you may have read earlier articles posted in support of the facts that the philosophy inherited from ancient cultures has been severely manipulated by persons such as Francis Beacon in the form of the King James Bible but more broadly known as RELIGIOUS TEACHINGS. Sure they needed some form of control of the masses and thankfully some of us do understand on reflection that humans are more complex in line with the forces of nature and complexity. , History tells us about the different Amenhoteps (Notice the first four letters of this Egyptian name AMEN – common in religious circles) and in particular the Amenhotep IV philosophy or form of egoism?, or hidden knowledge?  still prevalent and probably manipulated throughout the world as deliberately detrimental to the conscious awareness of  humanity. The corruptness by ‘covert’ persons  have fooled humanity since they corrupted the original inhabitants/ teachers of Egypt, ( a common theme) think that they have some devine right and that others are to be treated as slave labour by, trickery, distraction and manipulation of the truth. Misrepresentations, ancient knowledge abuse, thankfully now under severe scrutiny is able to be decoded through information sharing, although the majority are still blinded. For more evidence on my assertion that GOD is really an abstract definition of NATURE in reality please link through to an earlier post under the Holy Grail category. There you will learn about the medicine zodiac sign number 13 (obscured by false prophets because it has been used to essentially represent the main themes in most “carefully construed” versions of the Holy Bible) and the findings of scholars such as Santos Bonacci and Carl Munck. There you will also find the system in use by the dreaded hidden secret societies in control only by confusion and manipulation of the masses through the fictional GOD – money and as a consequence, corruption and deception. Can you blame them for developing a powerful system of greed ? Not really with abit of understanding and collation of all facts available you can see how there basic human morals deserted and isolated them. We are taught GOD will do this and that if you do this and that but when you stand aside and really look and think about what is being said, there is very little “uncorrupted” evidence in support. Heres an idea of just how big we think the Universe is, but is this all? I doubt it.

So which GOD will win? Well that answer has always been the same from time immemorial, the only true GOD  is NATURE. Nature (The Creator) will always in ways that seem at times to be in direct contrast to misguided belief,  BALANCE all manipulation. Even if that means destroying our civilisation as we know it. That is the law of the devine GOD, of creation, existence and death. Nature is the law and as previously mentioned in other articles the Golden Rule Of Law, the true rule of law,  is NO MAN is above the law of GOD or NATURE. Meaning that the true law and GOD is NATURE – can anyone factually challenge that? I fear not because it is undeniable truth and fact.  Ask yourself the simple questions that follow. Am I a product of nature? a child of God? born in an environment with genetic variation in direct contrast with that environment. In union with the closest representation of the opposite sex. I think you should agree that the answer is in the truth which is blatantly undeniable and visible in the vast variations of the children of GOD worldwide – not some misguided belief that the Royals are the decendants of some special child of a god-like deity  – that is a fallacy and a remnant of the dark ages of even greater confusion – especially when you study the history records. In the eyes of the true GOD – Nature, we are all one and the same. And, in support of that I say you should delve into the lessons that have remained in tact from the ancient past, from your own research ( there is no excuse for developing a search for truth now that the internet connects minds and information globally) because that is when you can really begin to understand and see the light, the truth, but through ignorance and neglect we do not fully comprehend, are easily distracted and lose focus of reality. The past ancestors experienced many mistakes, experienced disease, famine and slavery. The second and third are acts of nature the latter of a mindset developed from a background of similar circumstances of manipulation – ask an African American or an Irishman in recent times – can you blame the majority of them for being outstanding human beings now? Ah the old negative/positive polarity balance effect.  What are those in the middle doing? Truth be said we are considered slaves under our legal fictional personality represented by a birth certificate. The ancients  accumulated a vast amount of understanding in the search for knowledge, some of which we are only just beginning to understand ourselves, but, which through barbaric acts of War and fiscal policy these have corrupted humanity over and over again, only to be the victims of  acts of nature themselves – the  judgement day, death, yet again. Nature our true GOD, will prevail – that is undeniable! leaving the remnants to be manipulated again by false prophets. The cycle goes on and on until someday the “holistic nutters” , get a voice to be heard, searching for TRUTH and we progress abit further toward greater understanding through examining ancient lessons that remain in monuments and some writings as well as in the current environment of uncertainty closing in on those secret societies of corruption. To feel the power of GOD is to look into the night-sky at the multitude of stars and planets undoubtedly many of which are inhabited by civilisations lights years ahead in understanding. Who and what they represent we can see and feel it – the power of GOD, of NATURE is there above you – in the heaven(s) – hell must be here? In the light of day with the Sun of God (Yes that is the true meaning and not religious teachings) shining on you, in surroundings detached from the hussle and bussle of mercantilism and in tune with those other ‘children’ of nature, the plants and animals that have survived the impact of a confused infant now known as modern man, we sense the tension to give balance . That balance is reflected in the ancient Yin and Yang symbol the background image of this Blog. Opposites mean nothing unless they are unified. For many that requires a different level of understanding , a higher conscious awakening. Instead of using language ( English manipulation, or plainly just dumb) such as Black and White you might instead just unify it and say, coloured. Balancing the opposites mentality in a simple word. Do you understand?  You will learn that the cycles of time will see us improve to incredible heights of knowledge as Sirius ( Niburu?) moves closer in its orbit with our Sun and solar system explained by Santos Bonacci. You may also want to visit the work of David Wilcock you can link via the Holy Grail article link previously given in this article. Another myth buster video of the psychotic manipulation or the unknown truth of humanity.

Arc of the Covenant may be found..the Truth is hidden from humanity

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What a fantastic video from  Graham Hancock. As above so below, a mirror of the skies on earth. The pyramids and the Orion belt. A hidden civilisation or culture, destroyed by flooding, and catastrophe. Could it be the last golden age as explained by Santos Bonacci in my Holy Grail article. Engineering and technology, no doubt we are still yet to learn because of misguided belief or teachings.  As we enter into the age of Aquarius and spend a few more thousand years building up to the age of Leo. The pinnacle of human development, the age of Leo, only to be crushed as we descend again into an age of negativity or shear survival. With this knowledge, if we learn about this in time, who knows what can be achieved? A mass transportation to another planet or World?? Is this the destiny of our descendants??  The megalithic structures that surround our planet, many of which are yet undiscovered under water or ice. What seems to be resonating with me is the binary orbit with our Suns sister star Sirius – the other orbiting celestial body referred by the Ancients. As explained by Santos Bonacci as we get closer to Sirius, in theory, our knowledge or enlightenment develops, could it also be a time of re-birth, destruction beyond our control as the forces of Sirius descend upon us and as we separate again we experience a long period of almost amnesia? Its fascinating stuff.

The procession of the equinoxes explained by Graham Hancock.  A another article and links here.. .The message is that humans play an important part in enlightenment and that we should try and decipher the knowledge that is either hidden, suppressed or simply misunderstood and learn before we inevitably implode or are destroyed as mentioned above when Sirius comes closest, assuming that theory. Amazing stuff.

What is basically understandable, but jumbled into distraction with seemingless equations, effectively doing a full circle and coming up with the same answers when the faults are realised is again expressed by Johan Oldenkamp. Sacred geometry in living things, again and again.

Lost City Of Heracleion Gives Up Its Secrets

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Incredible Ancient Knowledge and Ruins further exposed. We are getting there, but oh its painstaking stuff. This is definitely not the work of a so-called “uncivilised” society. In fact the evidence suggests they were more civilised than “modern-day” society. Again it seems to come around in cycles and at the moment we are on the rise through I think as explained by Santos Bonacci the early 10,000 year cycle Golden Age. The future is golden but I think we have a ways to go yet so to speak. There will be changes through constitutional discord, the sooner the better otherwise there maybe more horrific warfare, the demolition of satanic deception and control. Hold-on its going to get rough in the early stages.


For centuries it was thought to be a legend, a city of extraordinary wealth mentioned in Homer, visited by Helen of Troy and Paris, her lover, but apparently buried under the sea.

In fact, Heracleion was true, and a decade after divers began uncovering its treasures, archaeologists have produced a picture of what life was like in the city in the era of the pharaohs.

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