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Changing the way we trade and currency

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Anyone with in depth knowledge about Finance will know that booms and busts have been common for at least the past five hundred years. With it has been a lot of turmoil and disruption sometimes War. Here is a simple explanation as to how these problems were solved for thousands of years prior to the current crisis of low interest rates and overpriced housing or inflationary pressure. Think long-term rather than short-term is the key.




Silly Simple

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Keshe Foundation Issues – The Peace Roadmap

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If you need to know more check out the Keshe Foundation online. You can also search this blog – keyword – Keshe to get some background but essentially what he is saying is that the Keshe technology is going to halt future wars starting with a roadmap to peace. This starts on 21 June 2015. This will no doubt upset many who consider themselves elitists, rich, powerful and complacent, but as I have explained in a number of earlier postings, the real power can be seen, or felt with your given senses in nature and nature demands balance. Without it, there is nothing, its really that simple. So heres a link to the Free Ebooks from the Keshe Foundation. They may well be the most celebrated publications that humanity has ever produced. You may recall that I contacted Minister Joyce of National and most other notable politicians and parties when Keshe asked anyone to contact our politicians to send a team of scientists over to Belgium. While they also tried directly, my attempts to get anyone from all parties that I contacted proved futile. That said, it looks as though they will have no choice very soon. To halt corruption and usury sooner than anticipated and learn the truth hidden in the archives of history or in those that remain undamaged by the dumb and dumber, I wonder whom I refer too.


The Peace Roadmap

On the twenty-first of May 2015, the Keshe Foundation in its weekly workshop announced the beginning of setting up the procedure for establishing the promised WORLD PEACE.

In this announcement, we explained that the process to achieve global peace will take shape in the coming months through the work of the Keshe Foundation and the release of further new knowledge through the teachings arm of the Foundation, during the daily live-streamed sessions from its Spaceship Institute in Trani, Italy.

In these teachings during the past months we have taught, and in the coming months we shall continue to teach new scientific criteria and systems that shall open the path for the process of using the new technology for establishing peace.

We shall teach step-by-step procedures that start and bring into action what it takes to achieve the ultimate goal of the Foundation, which is to facilitate and…

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OverUnity and QEG – Quantum Energy gaining momentum fast..

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Free Energy, Green Energy whatever you want to call it is all around us. I have earlier discussed the work of the Keshe Foundation in Advanced Technology category of this Blog. Quantum Energy is the buzzword used now. There will be teething problems but the road to fossiless energy substitutes is well underway. This type of alternative energy resource is confidently supported by the Green Party in New Zealand. Do we need dams? do we need coal? do we need oil? do we need gas? With what is gaining rapid popularity and understandably so is something less costly that frankly the home handy man could ‘tamper around with’.

QEG international is a collaborative sharing of information portal, with information and workshops planned to educate the masses. The writing is on the wall for fossil fuel extraction – your days are numbered or we won’t need as much affecting oil markets significantly. As for other sources of energy such as hydro damns hmm.. also not necessary.

Vote New Economics NOT National or Labour

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I have touched on the activities of alternative economics in past postings under the BANK ALTERNATIVES category in the Blog. Seriously though, what is being proposed looks to be a model of sustainable economics that can change things dramatically by a party hoping to run in the upcoming 2014 general elections in New Zealand. The New Economics Party are building support and one policy is support or are part of the growing phenomenon of TIME BANKING. I recommend you visit their site, join and ignite a great concept that will contribute immensely to returning the rule of law back to the people and not the mind controlled politicians currently purporting to pass legislation ‘willy nilly’ and often in secret to suit the agenda of a minority few greed merchants. Sure they are encouraged by their own perks and alto-egotistic frailty. Deidre Kent “the Tax system, it is illogical to tax, work, sales and trade on a finite planet of resources” ,  has written Books and articles on the subject of social and economic reform and they are well worth a read. Tax is paid by users of the resources rather than any workers employed is my basic understanding of the model proposed.  Good Luck with an absolutely fantastic economic model that suits everyone yet has the potential to spread wealth and as a consequence reform social and economic inequality. She is the author of a fantastic publication called Healthy Money, Healthy Planet – developing sustainability through new money systems. For an in depth article on the truth of the current money system in this Blog try this. Is the current system sustainable?? HMM.. well the trees are still falling, carbon dioxide is still pumping out into the atmosphere, weather is indifferent – just ask those poor souls in the North its freezing up there.

Fluoride Use in New Zealand

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Fluoride use in New Zealand has been publicised by advocates as essential in the fight against tooth decay. However, we all know that the real problem is sugar consumption e.g. sweets. The use of Fluoride is also used to subsidise the fertiliser industry in New Zealand as it is a by-product of that process. Essentially made up of SODIUM FLUORIDE  and not CALCIUM FLUORIDE it is highly toxic and is the main substance in 1080 poison.  The advocates for fluoride poisoning in our water supplies dum this fact down by saying ‘ oh but we only use 7 parts per million’. Question is how is it measured when dumping a truckload into the holding dams and how is it monitored. A,  ‘oh she’ll be right’ ?? Forced medication is not a reflection of free will and according to the article linked here.. presented by Dr Paul Connett. In fact many nations are without fluoridation as it is detrimental to good health, especially where it occurs in adequate levels naturally. Heres a link to the Hamilton City uprising.  You can of course check in with the Thunder and Light Team who have developed technology to purify water contamination by clicking on the Advanced Technology Advertisement in the sidebar of this Blog. Again the masses are ignorant and informed consent is questionable. The research is compelling that there is something more sinister behind the use of Fluoride on the masses and the easily controlled by corporate greed merchants. The health ramifications are more dour than people realise and the local GP (General Practitioner or Doctor) is not that well trained in the health effects of fluoridated water supplies .

Technology to change everything?

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The Vinny Eastwood show recently interviewed Thunder and Brad from the thunder and light team with technology aligned with the work of Dr Fred Bell. . The technology is capable of minimising pollution from motor vehicle emissions and clensing water for perfect health. If you have time the interview reviews significant parts of what has been discussed in detail throughout this Blog. Apparently outside any price by corporations and yet easily accessible by mobile device. The changes could be rapid as a result. Certainly the New Zealand Government could well be forced to investigate this technology by a united population,  as well as that ‘ignited’ by the Keshe Foundation – the subject of previous articles. “Evolve or die” or wakeup is the clear message from all.

For further background discussion including some information regarding the fossil free technology from Keshe Foundation and Nicoli Tesla click here..