Facebook launch with a fizz..

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Mainstream media reporting initially highlighted the much awaited public share float of Facebook. Valuing  co-founder Mark Zuckerbergs’ wealth as a result, somewhere in the region of $20 billion. This of course is an astonishing amount but later reports suggest that the company maybe sued by investors for not disclosing a downward trend of income due to more popular use of facebook mobile reported by Reuters. Essentially what is being reported is that because of more smartphone rather than PC usage, less advertising space is possible for Facebook. There is no doubt in my mind that the trend will continue as more and more consumers adopt smartphones as a staple device to access online content. I also see this as something that facebook will find difficult to address given the present business model used. While many business use Facebook to connect with consumers the smartphone provides them with greater capability to be selective as to what content is preferred.


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