South America Just Stood Up: Can I get a big “HELL NO!”

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Heck this is quite a combination


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Well well well….. Let’s see if the American Media report on THIS Major Piece of Breaking News.
“Secretary-General of the Union of South American Nations (UNASUR) Ernesto Samper said this week that the body rejects “any attempt at internal or external interference that attempts to disrupt the democratic process in Venezuela.” The 12-nation bloc has agreed to hold a high-level meeting on March 14 in Quito, Ecuador, to discuss how to go about responding the new measures. The ad hoc meeting was announced urgently by Correa shortly after Obama’s remarks on how Venezuela is a threat to the US.”
This, my friends, is the next major salvo in “Game Over” for the US Cabals stranglehold on the worlds proverbial testicles. Will the Main Stream Media publish it? Will they put some sort of desperate spin on it to try and make it look like mean ol’…

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