OverUnity and QEG – Quantum Energy gaining momentum fast..

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Free Energy, Green Energy whatever you want to call it is all around us. I have earlier discussed the work of the Keshe Foundation in Advanced Technology category of this Blog. Quantum Energy is the buzzword used now. There will be teething problems but the road to fossiless energy substitutes is well underway. This type of alternative energy resource is confidently supported by the Green Party in New Zealand. Do we need dams? do we need coal? do we need oil? do we need gas? With what is gaining rapid popularity and understandably so is something less costly that frankly the home handy man could ‘tamper around with’.

QEG international is a collaborative sharing of information portal, with information and workshops planned to educate the masses. The writing is on the wall for fossil fuel extraction – your days are numbered or we won’t need as much affecting oil markets significantly. As for other sources of energy such as hydro damns hmm.. also not necessary.


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