God’s Law – the Emerald Tablets of Thoth?

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My previous post alluded to the evidence that harmony with Nature is the supreme law above all else. That proposition is maintained, however, objectively there is no harm in my senses having picked up on another area of discussion and seemingly more and more evidence that if Humanity can achieve that harmonious co-existence with nature, greater understanding will eventuate. Given all of the distractions keeping us glued to the trash on television, the murderous barbaric acts of War mongers, corrupt Bankers and other forms of media abuse, the journey is going to be difficult. Humanity is constantly being abused and confused, used as pawns in a game of Chess or ‘fun money’ in Monopoly, depending on your preference.

So previous articles have covered the money system and its corruption, Religion that has been abused by ‘interpretations’ of great writings wrongfully (deliberately?) used. The Bible is an analogy of the great cycles of time, the great procession of the equinoxes used as a tool for control of the descendants of the ‘hairy barbarian’ . Huh, hairy barbarian – ok what is this referencing? Well I have strangely since discovered  information regarding the Emerald Tablets of Toth. I’ve read articles available and they cover religion, kaballah etc and listened to audio and there seems to be an argument that spiritualism and Aliens may have something in common. Included in this posting is a interesting series of videos on the hypothesis from a Bill Donaghue regarding the emerald tablets that support that his Alien theory (In videos) and certainly provides evidence that Atlantis (In the sky?) really did exist. There are of course graphic evidence online that Pyramids are located in the Bermuda Triangle underwater. From Atlantis came all knowledge that we now know and are yet still to learn, written (According to translation) in the indestructible Emerald Tablets. Passed down to humanity, supposedly hidden beneath the Temple of the Sun of the Maya. My only concern with this information is the translations, the fact that Donaghue is from Newick, why the Temple of the Sun instead of the ‘ravaged’ remains of the great Pyramid at Giza? safety?  however, it is enough to learn that our ‘education’ appears to have started some 36 thousand years ago, contrary to ‘popular’ belief. We seemed to be ‘blessed’ with more and more information each day. I do actually recall listening to an audio by Carl Munck (Holy Grail article) where he mentioned being visited by Aliens and that as far as he was concerned the Ancient monuments worldwide, the global grid and the inter-relationship with the great pyramid of Giza were geometrically aligned with the cosmos deliberately (ah the oneness!!) and the work of highly advanced technology, unmatched by the descendants of the ‘hairy barbarian’ – or in his words “the work of Aliens”. So the simplest message for me is that we need to change our barbaric tendencies, learn from the past and get rid of corruption. That said , understandably many are brainwashed and the underprivileged are denied. Humanity needs to be open minded and in reality we need to ignite the vast area of the brain not fully utilised, from which we will get the answers. One answer is undeniable – unison with all things in nature is paramount. If you are not into a lengthy video lecture here is a link to an interesting article. Strangely it refers to three significant entities including of note Amenhotep IV. This then means a strange connection, food for thought? More information article for reading click here. Interesting correlation in names – hmm.

In NZ we have the evidence of www.celticnz.co.nz in support of astronomically aligned works by advanced teachings which essentially is worldwide and seems in support of the proposition by Donaghue. As for the Emerald Tablet(s) it seems unclear as to the authenticity of the current location for further public scrutiny. You can pay through a website promoted with the teachings of a Dr Doreal for in-depth learning and meaning supposedly.


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