Whale Oil Blog claimed to be in National Party pockets..

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The ‘vocal’ Blog Whalebeefoil has been tied to the National Party according to a report by Stuff. Popularity through confusion and emotional disorder – a classic ploy by Nihilists conspirators. The claim suggests that the National media machine is behind all the ’emotive’ confusion. In fact, I tend to question many of the callers on RadioLive who tend to be right-wing in discussion but claim to be past Labour Party supporters, as if they are trying to coerce staunch Labour Party supporters over to National. I don’t think they will fool too many of us ‘impartial’ types or do they – especially those struck by the increasing problem of dementia through our contaminated food and sodium fluoride water supplies?  Here’s a link to an article of an ideal democracy proposed by our  ‘battered soldiers of war’  earlier posted. Maybe we should shunt the politicians off to any battleground flareups in future? Now wouldn’t that be an act of responsibility. The Rule Of Law in its true format must include the Golden Rule of Law in that Queen, Prime Minister, Judiciary and Politicians must be held to personal account and responsibility of any actions to the detriment of the people they rule – the ignorant, bewildered and blind. I reckon, that way we should only get those who will show the true courage of their convictions. Secure in the knowledge they are working for the people, that will stand for office. In that way, essentially in opposition of the self interested types, despite some Kantian ‘moral ethical’ theory belief used unethically in disguise.


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