Wedding Bells for Gay couples..

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All I can say is that this is one law that certainly initially was not supported by a ‘religious teaching’ society including the Vatican. Oh how times change – for good and bad if you dig deep enough for some rational answers you will find that fundamentally marriage certification is similar in underlying use to the previously researched, the birth certification deception and bonding ( government bonds).

I am not saying that gay marriage should be treated as a misdemeanor, given that society is now split over the use but simply that all marriage certification amounts to is just another control tool for the Pirates of the Holy See . Similar to birth certificate registration where after you came down the birth canal (and are berthed) and later salvaged by the merchant pirates because you are not born again, no longer truely a Freeman but are instead are technically salvaged as unclaimed and are deceptively controlled under merchant law or commonly known as statute law. Another corporate entity is created for manipulation and control. To investigate this rational understanding check out the Law – What is it? category of this blog.

Congrats to gays in New Zealand, today is the day that you can wed your partner ‘legaleselly’ here in NZ.

Great music again from the 5th Dimension, in celebration, and sung by Marilyn McCoo on Solid Gold Hits, Wedding Bell Blues.


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