OPPT + Keshe Foundation = Major Paradigm Shift

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While this is extremely interesting I feel we need to tread very carefully or methodically to avoid any confusion. Both OPPT and Keshe do provide a different world there is no harm or rush for everyone to embrace these without thorough investigation and thought.

ecology Of everything


Choose, Servitude or Freedom

Yes, it is a choice. All of the screaming and yelling for people to “WAKE UP!” is over. All of the bitching about what has been wrong is over. All that is left is the inertia of the past being brought into the present. The proverbial chicken with its head cut off.

The means and tools for liberation and self-determination have been placed before us and exist in this space and time right now. No speculation or negativity can alter that reality. Change is upon us and it is real. We all have a choice to step into that present reality and create a future from this place of power or we can remain cowardly in the status quo, which will just deteriorate around us and become more and more dysfunctional and painful. All things living want to continue. The old paradigm will continue, for a…

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One thought on “OPPT + Keshe Foundation = Major Paradigm Shift

    […] deeply disappointed of the naivety and hope that others awaking will too, before it is too late. Technology suppression must be released to override the deception that is money. No amount of money will save you from what Nature demands […]

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