False Flag Time : Time is ripe and Putin and Castro Think so : Financial collapse and 180 Countries join ranks against the G5 war mongerers : Perfect timing to hide all multitude of headlines that keep coming :

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The North Korea nuclear threat is grabbing much attention but this article suggests it is just a huge false flag strategy in play by the Global financial Cabalists.


Mainstream media now are exposing billionaires,  rock stars and politicians who hide their funds in offshore accounts all around the world and these are household names :

Couple this with the Cyprus fiasco and the banksters robbing the  citizens in broad daylight:

This appears enough for one false flag, as this is exactly what they do when the tabloids go against them:

But hell they have much more to contend with :

The Philippines now has a right Royal scandal as Marcos’s Daughter now has been joining the elite and stashes cash abroad, stolen from her citizens , it is only fitting she has to face trials.

Spain is embroiled in Royal scandals and Princess has to appear in court for corruption : Many more top corruption scandals litter the news there, as people suffer Austerity measures and take to the streets in droves, wondering how unemployment can be nearer…

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