The Banks are about to get a huge shakeup…..

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My earlier posts in this category are long articles with many links to great insights into the real stories that impact us all, more than we realise or understand, through the money concept. The system used for ions throughout most so-called developed countries of divide and rule by a few, putting individuals ahead of the many clearly is destined to fail. Full of inherent problem cause and effect, it essentially is fighting against the forces of nature – the positive aspects for sacred balance. Our very makeup through our devine attachment with nature calls back for balance every time and that is all that the materialistic world needs to understand to halt the destruction of our environment and our state of being. We are naturally interconnected with all that is around us but control leading to ignorance and neglect has made us forget. David Wilcock has recently posted a continuation of his financial tyranny series with the latest update that the ruling central banks who print the money and lend are about to be audited publicly in a sense (first time for the Federal Reserve) after exposure that the London Inter-Bank Offer Rate (Libor) who determine daily interest rate charges to other banks for lending purposes is immensely corrupt. Companies like Merrill Lynch, Goldman Sachs closely associated with our own Prime Minister John Keys and new reserve bank governor along with others, form a cartel of control of over 80% of the world’s money deals to the detriment of everyone. The people are rising to the call of nature and balance –  Breaking News as follows

If you have the time to dig deep into researching the truth I think you will find many answers with  Manly P. Hall


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