Apple and more apple…

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Recently a spate between two long-established companies exploded giving rise to alternative software services that “Jailbreak IPhones.” This is descriptively bad but essentially it means that developers provide software for IPhone owners to download “non apple supported software”. A New Zealand service exists in Auckland. It’s ironic that Apple provide an extensive support system for developers and yet restrict access to certain alternative software providers. This indicates either a safety issue or a competitive stance on how the IPhone can be used and the standard required by software developers.  Here is a link to an interesting article by detailing the core dispute between Apple and Adobe. More news that Apple looks to be setting-up to either work very close with Mobile Network Operators or even provide the loyal Apple customer base with a viable alternative. Credit for this information goes to Whitney Bluestein at Gigaom.  


One thought on “Apple and more apple…

    Cigar Blogs said:
    April 13, 2012 at 06:17

    I heard about this page because MarkHatcher is always bad mouthing it for abominating him. I quite like him but I would not say I am fan of his entirely.several hoo I look forward to taking part in the conversations and possibly bad mouthing some one myself – if the need arises 😉

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